It has been claimed that a nurse was left traumatized after she was forced by the U.S. military to assist on an alien autopsy following the Roswell unidentified flying object (UFO) crash.

Daily Star reported that a person working at the Roswell funeral home, which was asked to make child-size coffins for alien bodies by the military, claimed that he knew the nurse. After the Roswell UFO crash in 1947, the employee, Glenn Dennis, was working at the undertakers in Roswell, New Mexico, according to IT Trending. He took the nurse's identity to the grave with him, but he revealed a few details about the encounter.

James Clarkson, a former detective and military police officer, spent time interviewing Dennis before his death. He believes that Dennis was a reliable witness. He shared that you just know, when somebody is telling you the truth, and he had "some intuition of when people are giving their heart when they're telling you what they really believe." He believed that Dennis "wasn't lying."

Dennis shared with Clarkson about the nurse who was left traumatized by the autopsy of an alien. Clarkson said that in small Western towns back then, they "didn't have paramedics or ambulances." He said that if they needed to transport a "sicker injured person, sadly, the best vehicle to do that in was a hearse," and so many times in small towns, "the funeral home, the funeral directors would do double duty."

He shared that Dennis was taking an injured airman back to the base and he pulled in there and "he saw all these vehicles and people that he'd never seen before." Clarkson added that then a nurse Dennis knew came out of a back room and said, "Glen, what are you doing here?" She was so horrified that she "resigned her commission in the military," and there'd been a "lot of speculation about where she went." Clarkson said that Dennis promised her that he would never reveal her name.

Clarkson said that when they started investigating Roswell, which wasn't until the eighties, and heard about Dennis "working in the funeral home and being called, people were all over him." He kept saying that he didn't want to share anything about the nurse. When he was pushed too far, Clarkson said that Dennis made a name up, just to stop the questions, but later regretted it.

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