A man has been accused of viciously decapitating his colleague after inviting him home for a drink and proceeding to sleep next to the victim's body, before disposing of the severed head in a garbage dump the next day in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India on Sunday, Dec. 5.

The accused, identified as Sandeep Mishra, who works as a machine operator at an automobile ancillary company, allegedly held a grudge against his coworker and senior Pramod Kumar for complaining about him to his supervisors at work. However, on Sunday, Dec. 5, Mishra invited Kumar to his home and got him intoxicated before reportedly murdering him and chopping off his head, NDTV reported.

The brutal killing came to light after Kumar's wife, Meera Devi, who stayed 300 km away in Kasganj, arrived at Mishra's house after being unable to contact her husband and hearing that the suspect recently had an argument with the victim.

She called Mishra to ask about her husband's whereabouts but the accused claimed that he had taken the day off and refused to comment on it. When Devi reached Mishra's house, however, she took a peek inside and saw bloodstains around the residence. She immediately alerted the authorities about her gruesome discovery.

Officers quickly responded to the scene and discovered Kumar's headless body hidden inside the flat. Mishra would later be apprehended after being spotted skulking near his house. The authorities subsequently found Kumar's severed head and the knife used to commit the murder from a garbage dump some 500 meters away from the suspect's home, Times Now reported.

Kumar and Mishra lived close to each other and had initially bonded as colleagues at the factory. However, Mishra developed a grudge against Kumar after he blamed the suspect for a machine breakdown at their workplace and complained about him to his seniors.

Mishra has been arrested and charged under section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) in a First Information Report (FIR) filed at Kavi Nagar police station.

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