An Egyptian man has been nabbed after allegedly savagely decapitating his friend on a busy avenue before proceeding to roam the streets aimlessly while holding the victim's severed head in his bag for some 40 minutes in Ismailia, Egypt.

The accused, who worked for a furniture store that belonged to the victim's brother, reportedly beheaded his friend in revenge after the victim allegedly sexually assaulted his mother and sister. He then placed the severed head in a bag and carried it through a busy neighborhood in Ismailia, Egypt while brandishing the bloodied knife used to commit the crime. It took about 40 minutes before officers arrived and took him into custody, the New Arab reported.

The accused also reportedly attacked and injured locals who attempted to intervene. A group of civilians eventually managed to hold him down and restrained the suspect before handing him over to the authorities upon their arrival.

After being questioned in custody, the accused confessed to the crime and claimed that he killed his friend to avenge his mother and sister who were allegedly assaulted by the victim, Arab News reported.

Following the incident, the Interior Ministry has released a statement saying that the accused is "mentally disturbed" and had previously been admitted to a mental health facility for drug addiction.

Videos of the brutal incident have gone viral and the incident has caused an uproar on social media.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a man named Mazhar Qureshi reportedly murdered his long-time friend Shahrukh Syed before proceeding to behead him using a sharp cleaver, allegedly over a petty dispute. The gruesome murder happened in Ahmedabad, India on Sept. 16.

Syed reportedly used to hang out near Qureshi's house with his girlfriend and frequently indulged in obscene public acts with her. Qureshi's sister subsequently complained to her brother and expressed her displeasure over Syed’s obscene behavior.

When Qureshi spoke to his friend Syed regarding the issue, the conversation erupted into a heated argument between the two friends.

On Sept. 16, the night of the murder, Qureshi reportedly brought Syed to his house and offered him liquor. After Syed fell asleep, Qureshi proceeded to decapitate him using a slaughtering chopper. He reportedly kept Syed's severed head in a plastic bag and the victim's other body parts in another bag and later threw the remains in the Sodhan Lake, Latin Times reported.

The incident came to light when Syed's remains surfaced on Sept. 24. A police investigation proved Qureshi to be the culprit and he was arrested near the Narol locality on Sept. 25.

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