An Indian man has been accused of luring the husband of the woman he had admired in order to kill and behead the victim out of jealously and anger because the woman chose to marry someone else in Tamil Nadu state, India on Wednesday, Oct. 20.

The accused, identified as K. Anandraj, 22, of Cholapuram, allegedly brutally decapitated S. Raghavan, 31, and dumped the victim's severed head on a street for marrying Mahalakshmi, 21, whom the suspect had admired for a long time. Anandraj was reportedly in love with Mahalakshmi and wished to marry her.

However, when the assailant expressed his desire to make her his wife, she turned him down and told him that she was in love with Raghavan and that she would only marry him, the Times of India reported.

Raghavan, who worked as a TV mechanic, reportedly befriended Mahalakshmi while she was studying in a typewriting institute near his television service center two years ago. When they expressed their desire to marry, their families strongly objected as they belonged to different castes.

However, about two months ago, Raghavan married Mahalakshmi despite objections from both families. Enraged by this, Anandraj hatched a plan to murder Raghavan. He took a faulty LED television to Raghavan's service shop for repair in early October. He began calling Raghavan every day under the pretext of inquiring if the TV was repaired. On Tuesday, Oct. 19, Raghavan told Anandraj that the TV was repaired and asked him to come to the shop and collect the television.

On Wednesday, Oct. 20, at around 11 a.m, Anandraj reached the television service center with a shopper bag in which he carried two knives and chili powder. At the store, Anandraj allegedly confronted Raghavan over his marriage with Mahalakshmi and threw chili powder at the victim's face to blind him temporarily. He then attacked the mechanic with a knife before proceeding to behead the victim.

Anandraj finished off the violent ordeal by throwing Raghavan's severed head on the road. He proceeded to flee the scene before the authorities arrived.

Law enforcement retrieved Raghavan’s body and sent it to Thoothukudi Medical College and Hospital for an autopsy. Superintendent of Police (SP) of Tuticorin district S Jayakumar visited the crime scene, conducted preliminary investigations, and formed a team to nab the accused.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a man viciously chopped off his brother's head with a sharp knife after accusing his sibling of killing their father using "witchcraft" in Nigeria, Latin Times reported.

Atagan Danladi, 25, who resides in Bomo village in the Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau, has been charged with culpable homicide after he allegedly murdered his brother Timothy and severed his head after his brother confessed to orchestrating the murder of their father through alleged "witchcraft."

“Our father was sick and was admitted in December 2020. He died after a while and on getting the information of his death, my late brother fled the house, " Danladi said in his statement.

He claimed that Timothy returned a day after fleeing, and when he returned home, he was beaten and interrogated before proceeding to confess to killing his father and his niece.

Danladi, who became angry and disappointed hearing the admission, allegedly picked up a knife, stabbed Timothy, and severed his head after he fell to the floor.

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