A man reportedly filed a cheating case against his wife after finding out that she has male genitals in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India.

The couple reportedly got married in 2016. However, after their union, the wife declined to consummate the marriage for a few days. When the couple finally tried to initiate intimate relations, the husband discovered that his wife had some "male" characteristics to her genitalia, Hindustan Times reported.

Following the strange discovery, the husband took his wife for a medical check-up, during which he discovered that his wife has a genetic disorder called congenital adrenal hyperplasia, due to which her external sexual organs look like a male child’s.

Following the shocking revelation, the man then sent his wife back to her parents and claimed that he had been "cheated." The husband then filed a case of cheating under section 420 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) claiming that his wife and father-in-law had committed fraud by failing to inform him about her medical condition prior to their marriage, India Today reported.

The Supreme Court of India, the top court in India, which was initially reluctant to take up the matter, agreed to hear the plea filed by the husband after taking note of the woman's medical report. The medical report of the wife states that she is biologically female, with ovaries, and identifies as a woman. However, the report also mentions that she has "external male genitalia" such as an "imperforate hymen and penis".

“She is a man. It is definitely cheating. Please, look at the medical records. This is not a case of some congenital disorder. This is a case where my client has been cheated by getting married to a male. She definitely knew about her genitals,” Senior advocate NK Mody, who represents the husband, told the court.

According to Mody, the husband wants his wife and his father-in-law to face the consequences in law for deceiving him and ruining his life.

Meanwhile, the court further noted that there is a criminal case lodged by the wife against the man under Section 498A (cruelty) of the IPC. On Friday, March. 11, the bench issued notices to the wife, her father, and Madhya Pradesh Police, and asked them for their replies within six weeks.

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