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An assailant tossed firebombs into an immigration center in the English port town of Dover on Sunday before committing suicide. Two people sustained light injuries in the attack and over 700 migrants had to be transferred to a different location.

According to Kent Police, two to three pieces of incendiary gear were thrown at the facility where the newly arrived migrants are accepted. A news photographer at the location stated that a man drove up and hurled three gas bombs at the facility. He then drove to a nearby gas station and killed himself.

Police confirmed the suspect was identified and located at a nearby gas station. The officer stated the suspect was deceased and said they discovered additional devices which were confirmed safe inside the suspect’s vehicle, ABC News reported.

It has been discovered that the Dover migrant center attacker had carried out a recce the night before the attack. It has been observed by port security that he drove past the Western Jet Foil center on the dockside multiple times on Saturday night after driving more than 100 miles to get there.

Daily Mail reported that after the suspect threw the petrol bombs, he asked coach drivers waiting to transport migrants if they knew what they were doing and that their children should be raped and killed. Kent Police said that authorities from Thames Valley Police were searching a property in High Wycombe which is 118 miles from Dover. All hell broke loose when the suspect was caught laughing as he threw the devices at the center. This is where nearly 1,000 migrants were taken for processing less than 24 hours earlier.

The aggression came as Britain's immigration crisis heightened amid increasing fears over the number of arriving migrants and the conditions they are held in. The number of small boat immigrants who arrived in the country this year is almost 40,000.

Kent Police stated that the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit responded to the location to make sure there were no further threats. The site remained open, though around 700 suspected migrants were transferred to Manston to ensure safety as the initial phase of the police investigation is being done, The Sun reported.

The incident has not been considered to be terror-related, with initial inquiries indicating the man had a record of mental health problems.

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