In a distressing video that has now gone viral on social media, a man is seen physically assaulting a woman before grabbing a baby and throwing him against the wall.

Local media had reported earlier that the man seen in the video was assaulting his wife after finding out he was not the child’s biological father. The infant being tossed onto the wall was their 4-month-old son, it was reported.

It has now been revealed the viral video is from a Tanzanian film titled Sitamani Kuolewa Tena (I don’t wish to get married again), a work of fiction themed around violence against women and children.

The film entails scenes that may be horrifying and upsetting like the one that is doing rounds on the internet.

An almost similar incident, however, took place in Gatanga Murang’a county in Kenya where a 23-year-old man identified as Mark Njuguna killed his 4-month-old son by smashing him against the wall following a dispute with his wife, Mary Muthoni Kariuki.

Njuguna was arrested and is currently being held pending a further probe.

A report filed at the Kihumbuini Police Station said Njunguna had raised doubts on the paternity of the child, leading to the assault.

The infant landed on the concrete floor. and died on the spot, reports said.

According to the police report, the incident happened in the wee hours on Tuesday, Jan. 25.

Njuguna’s father Stephen Njuguna, said he was woken up by Kariuki at around 2:45 am.

"My daughter-in-law came running to my house telling me that her husband has killed their baby boy,” he said.

After the incident, Kariuki managed to sneak out of the home and alert their neighbors, Stephen said.

"We are still in shock because we don’t understand why he would do such a heinous act and kill an innocent child,” he added.

The infant's body was taken to General Kago mortuary in Thika. The autopsy results are being awaited as further police probing proceeds.

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The video is from a Tanzanian film titled Sitamani Kuolewa Tena (I don’t wish to get married again), a work of fiction. Youtube.

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