Obuasi Divisional Police Command arrested a 24-year-old suspect after he tried to take the dead body of a woman to the morgue. The accused had murdered his girlfriend after finding out that she had been cheating on him. An investigation into the incident has been launched while the accused remains in police custody.

The accused from Obuasi, Ashanti Region in Ghana had been spending the night with his partner when the incident took place. The accused’s girlfriend did not live with him. She lived in a different town from the Ashanti Region.

Ghana Web identified the accused as Atta Dimah and the victim as 28-year-old Nancy Agyiri. Other sources reported the victim’s age as 35.

On Saturday, August 7 the victim had visited her partner as she often did on weekends. After spending the day together, the couple went to sleep in the same room. Sometime in the night, the woman got up to go to the bathroom.

While the woman was out of the room, the man went through her phone. He discovered a video of his partner having sex with another man. When the woman returned the man questioned her about the video. She demanded her phone back. This led to a heated argument between the couple, Vim News Ghana reported.

During the argument, the man pushed the woman which caused her to hit her head. It is believed that the injury killed the woman. Instead of alerting emergency services, the man tried to get rid of the body.

Hiring a taxi, the man tried to take the woman’s body to the morgue. The taxi driver became suspicious and reported the passenger to the police. The accused was arrested from the morgue. Police have initiated an investigation into the death as post mortem report is being awaited.

While the cheating woman from Ashanti Region was killed by her partner, a woman got engaged to the man she cheated on.

A man with the Twitter handle @PapaBareLaFlare shared his not so romantic journey on social media. He shared that when he found out he had been cheated on by his partner he was traumatized. It was even more traumatic as the woman had cheated on him with his brother.

After spending some time at a mental health facility, the man returned to propose to the woman who broke his heart. He had to propose to her twice as she refused to marry him the first time. The man happily shared the news of his engagement to the woman on Twitter.

Representation Image. He found out he'd been a victim of a scheme by Li and Nana that defraud men of their dowry. Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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