A man allegedly jumped from the fourth floor of a building and killed himself after he tested positive for COVID-19 in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh, India on Tuesday, Jan. 18.

Prior to the suicide, Vijay Achari, 30, was reportedly rushed to a private hospital by his family members after he consumed pesticide in an attempt to kill himself due to personal problems within his circle.

At the facility, the doctors administered a COVID-19 test on Achari as part of the admission protocol. However, when the patient subsequently learned that he was COVID-positive, he proceeded to smash the window panes inside his hospital room and hurled himself off the fourth floor of the building, Telangana Today reported.

Achari reportedly suffered grievous injuries from the fall and died on the spot. When the authorities questioned Achari's family members, they said that the patient had been suffering from a deep depression and was left even more upset after testing positive for COVID-19.

The police have registered a case and launched an investigation into the incident. Meanwhile, the officers are also reportedly inquiring about the reason behind the man's earlier suicide attempt.

In a similar but unrelated incident, a 16-year-old boy reportedly killed himself by consuming rat poison after his school headmaster scolded him about his long hair and required him to trim it in Tamil Nadu, India, Latin Times reported.

The victim, identified as L Vishal, 16, of Thirunageswaram Government Higher Secondary School, reportedly committed suicide after his school headmaster reprimanded him in front of his mother regarding his long hair on Oct. 25, 2021.

The school headmaster noticed Vishal's long hair and allegedly singled him out as it went against the school's dress code. The official warned the student to cut his hair and told him to bring his parents to school.

On Oct. 25, 2021, when Vishal brought his mother to meet the headmaster, the official once again reprimanded Vishal, this time in front of the teen boy's mom regarding his long hair. Vishal, who got reportedly frustrated over this incident, decided to kill himself later that day. After returning home from the school visit, Vishal allegedly downed rat poison while recording a video stating that the headmaster was responsible for his death.

Vishal was immediately rushed to a hospital for treatment. However, he succumbed to poisoning complications and died on Oct. 31, 2021.

A man reportedly fell to his death after he tried to do a handstand on the 15th-floor balcony at a hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina during Hurricane Ian on Friday, Sept 30. This is a representational image. Pixabay

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