An Indian man reportedly took his own life by strangling himself with a bedsheet on Wednesday, Jan. 5, after slumping into a deep depression following being unable to raise enough money for his studies in Canada. The suicide was reported at Sterling Row Houses near Subhash Chowk in Memnagar, Ahmedabad, India.

The deceased, identified as Dhruvil Patel, 23, a graduate, was reportedly planning to go to Canada to pursue further studies. However, when Patel fell short of the money that he needed to travel to Canada, he allegedly felt upset and resorted to killing himself, the Times Of India reported.

Patel and his elder brother had been living with their mother, Hetal Patel, and their stepfather, Amit Banerjee, at Sterling Row Houses near Subhash Chowk in Memnagar for the past decade.

On Wednesday, Jan. 5, Patel was on his computer all night and went to sleep only early the next morning. When Patel did not come out of his room the next day, his mother Hetal began knocking on the door to wake him up. However, when there was no response from inside the room, she called her husband Banerjee for help. After Banerjee rushed home and broke open the door, they reportedly found Patel dead with a bedsheet around his neck.

Patel reportedly needed US$33,649 (25,00,000 Indian Rupees) to go to Canada for his higher education. Unfortunately, Patel was only able to raise a total amount of US$25,568 (19,00,000 Indian Rupees) and was struggling to raise the remaining amount.

After failing to raise the rest of the money, Patel reportedly fell into a deep depression. The police believe that this could be the reason why he decided to take his own life, according to S.G Khambhla, Inspector of Vastrapur police.

The officers have filed a case of accidental death in connection with the incident.

In a similar but unrelated incident, an unemployed man, who was facing grave financial difficulties, reportedly consumed acid in order to kill himself after he was left in a deep depression over not being able to find work in Telangana, India on Nov. 5, 2021, Latin Times reported.

Mohammed Ajaz, 38, a carpenter by profession, was found lying unconscious on a road in Telangana on Nov. 4 evening. Locals discovered Ajaz unresponsive and immediately contacted the authorities while rushing him to the nearest hospital for treatment. While undergoing treatment at the facility, he succumbed to his complications and died on Nov. 5.

During the police investigation, officers discovered that the victim may have been suffering from depression as he was facing financial troubles due to his unemployment.

Ajaz's brother, Mohammed Akbar Shareef, has reportedly registered a complaint at Narsingi Police Station, spurring officers to conduct further investigation into the tragic incident.

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