A man from Maryland was charged with the murder of his brother, sister-in-law and another woman. The man allegedly killed his brother who is was a pharmacist and was associated with the process of administering the Covid-19 vaccines.

The man, 46-year-old Jeffery Burnham is from Cumberland. According to the police documents, Burnham allegedly had the idea that the government is poisoning the citizens with the vaccines given for Covid-19. He also stated that his brother 58-year-old Brian Robinette, had some knowledge about this conspiracy and that is why he wanted to confront his brother.

According to the document, Burnham also killed his brother’s wife, 57-year-old Kelly Sue Robinette along with another woman. The woman was later identified as 83-year-old Rebecca Reynolds, as reported by CBS News.

The police stated that Burnham has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of second-degree murder. He will additionally be charged with weapon use as well as the death of Reynolds as her death was ruled as a homicide. Reynolds was a friend of Burnham’s mother.

On Sept. 29, Burnham’s mother had a talk with the police about the failing mental health of Burnham. She also mentioned that her son told her that the feds will be coming after two of them, as reported by the NBCDFW.

Howard County Police said that Burnham stole the car, a 2020 Lincoln, of her mother’s friend. The police confirmed that the stolen car was found at Ellicott City, in Maryland. It was found near Burnham’s brother’s residence. The couple was found dead by the police as they went inside their house to check.

Sherry Llewellyn, the spokeswoman from the police department said that after killing the couple, Burnham stole their red 2007 Chevrolet Corvette. Police issued a statewide alert for Burnham right after this incident.

On Oct. 1, at around 9:00 am Burnham was spotted on the side of a road where he parked the stolen red Corvette, in Davis, West Virginia. The authorities of Howard County contacted West Virginia State Police about Burnham. After getting the information, West Virginia State Police nabbed the suspect without further incident. They found a gun with him that was kept inside the car.

Burnham remains in custody as the investigation continues.

A paramedic prepares a dose of AstraZeneca vaccine
A paramedic prepares a dose of AstraZeneca vaccine for patients at a walk-in COVID-19 clinic inside a Buddhist temple in the Smithfield suburb of Sydney on August 4, 2021. Photo by Saeed Khan/AFP via Getty Images

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