A man reportedly killed his sleeping son before mounting an attack on his wife and burned her alive, following which he took his own life at Ann’s Grove, East Coast Demerara in Guyana on Wednesday, Sept. 21.

On Wednesday, Sept. 21, neighbors of the victims rushed to the scene after they heard screams for help and saw Sharon Scott, 53, fleeing from the house with bloodied clothing. Her husband Leon Bobb, 57, was allegedly seen chasing behind her with a cutlass in his hand and shouted at her to come back to the house, Stabroek News reported.

The neighbors rushed in to help and Sharon survived the attack. After Sharon successfully managed to escape the attack, her daughter rushed her to the Georgetown Public Hospital for treatment. Sharon reportedly suffered stab injuries to the left side of her neck, and right hand and received first-degree burns across her body. Her condition is currently listed as stable.

Following this, officers were alerted about the incident. When officers responded to the scene, they found the couple's son 21-year-old Seon Scott lying dead on a mattress inside the house with a large chop wound to the left side of his neck. The officers also found Leon motionless in a bedroom where he was lying on a blood-dampened bed. Leon reportedly had a gash so large on his abdomen that his intestines were seen protruding. The officers recovered a blood-stained knife and cutlass under his bed, Guyana Times reported.

Both Leon and Seon were immediately rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital for treatment. Leon was hospitalized and later died while receiving medical attention. However, Seon was pronounced dead upon arrival.

According to neighbors, Leon reportedly engaged in constant fights with his wife and physically assaulted her on several occasions, accusing her of allegedly having numerous extra-marital affairs. However, during their fights, their son Seon always intervened in a bid to save his mother.

Officers suspect that Leon had attacked Seon in his sleep to prevent him from intervening when he would have attacked Sharon. After murdering Seon, Leon then attacked Sharon, chopped her several times about her body, drenched her in gasoline, and set her ablaze. After attacking her, he then ingested a poisonous substance and cut himself in the abdomen to kill himself.

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