A domestic bully who had a history of abuse has been barred from dating any woman again unless approved by a social worker.

The Daily Record said that authorities placed Marc Cosgrove on a dating ban after a sheriff called his treatment of past women "disgraceful" over eight years.

Cosgrove was subjected to a code of conduct that required him to disclose each female's name and contact information with whom he has a relationship. "Two or more meetings at your home," Sheriff William Wood warned him.

After falling short of jailing Cosgrove before Perth Sheriff Court, an online tabloid said Sheriff Wood issued the condition and a five-year no-harassment order.

He ordered Cosgrove to be supervised for two years, do 225 hours of unpaid service, and enroll in a domestic bullying treatment program.

Sheriff Wood explained he had listened to the Crown's litany of abusive behavior about these three offenses, and it doesn't do the criminal any favors.

"Be under no illusion I have considered prison as an option. This woman has lived her life under a degree of fear and trepidation when she was with you," Sherrif Wood mentioned.

"She felt she was walking on eggshells around you for part of the time. Your behaviour has been disgraceful. This kind of behaviour is not to be tolerated," he added.

Cosgrove, 36, of Glenprosen Drive, Dundee, admitted to threatening or abusing one woman on several occasions between 2011 and 2019.

He admitted to two more offenses involving a second woman during the same time period.

Fiscal depute David Currie later said the victim was always on the edge of his seat, waiting for the next outburst. "He constantly blamed her for his violent outbursts and anger issues," Currie said.

During a bombardment of messages, Cosgrove said: "You want to ruin my life? I will do the same to you. I hope you actually die. You fucked up big time here.

"Really, really not one for doing this shit, but I'm ready to explode," he allegedly posted on Facebook. "It's time you knew what she is like and find out all her dirty little secrets."

Officers questioned his prior partners after he was reported to police, and the second woman identified in the earlier allegation recounted a similar pattern of abusive behavior.

Defending solicitor Andrew Lyall claimed his client is now in a new relationship. He also stated that he has enough knowledge to recognize when he has caused injury or pain.

Lyall said Cosgrove has expressed regret for his actions. He also asked Cosgrove to express his sincere remorse for his actions.

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