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Woman Shares Aftermath Of Electrocution On Train Tracks Image by NI MAX from Pixabay

A man who was performing stunts on a moving train reportedly fell to his death after his head hit a pole in Khanna, Punjab, India.

The man, who has not been identified, was reportedly performing stunts and hanging outside a moving train called Malwa express near Samrala over a bridge near Chava Railway station of Khanna, Punjab, India on Oct. 6. However, while he was traveling hanging outside the train, his head suddenly hit against a pole. Due to the impact of the hit, the man lost his balance, fell down from the train, and died on the spot, the Times Of India reported.

A video of the incident has been uploaded on social media on Tuesday, Oct. 11, and has gone viral. However, the incident is stated to have happened on Oct. 6.

In the 17-second long video which went viral, the man can be seen performing various stunts and hanging outside the Malwa express train. As the video progresses, the man’s head can be seen crashing against a pole. Due to the impact of the hit, the man falls down from the moving train and dies on the spot, the Indian Express reported.

Investigating officer ASI (Assistant Sub-Inspector) Tajinder Singh stated that the officers received information on October 6 at around 4 p.m that a man was found dead on the railway tracks near the Chava railway station. Initially, the officers thought that the man fell down because he was sitting near the door of the train.

However, the officers realized the truth behind his death only after the video of the incident went viral online.

The investigating officers added that the deceased, who appeared to be in his early 30s, has not been identified yet, as no identity proof or mobile was recovered from his possession.

The officers added that they suspect that the fellow passenger who was recording the video of the stunt was known to the deceased. They suspect that the passenger did not talk to anyone about the incident or come forward to avoid action.

Tajinder Singh added that after waiting for 72 hours after the death, the GRP got the autopsy of the body conducted and also cremated the body on Monday, Oct. 10.

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