A violent bee swarm in California made an afternoon meal time a disastrous one as the attack made three people land in a hospital. While helping out his girlfriend, a man said that he pulled out stingers from her neck and around 15 bees from her hair.

The incident was reported on Tuesday afternoon at a strip mall in Fountain Valley, California, fire officials said.

Santa Ana resident John Madrid said that he arrived at the Sizzler Restaurant with his girlfriend and best friend for food, but when they stepped out of the car, they got attacked by bees, reported FOX 5.

“I started running like crazy and they attacked my girlfriend and my best friend. I pulled stingers out of my girlfriend’s neck and she had maybe like 15 bees in her hair that I pushed out. It was a disaster," Madrid said.

The bees also entered Madrid’s car because he left the door open while trying to help his girlfriend. They also attacked his friend who cried out for help like a baby. “I can’t believe it. My Buddy’s 315 pounds and he’s a big man, a strong guy and he was crying like a baby, ‘Help me John!'” Madrid said.

Fountain Valley Fire Division Chief Bill McQuaid said that people who had local businesses were told to shelter in place until the situation was controlled. Firefighters from the Orange County Fire Authority reached the restaurant after 3pm. They used foam on the bees and separated them from Madrid and his friends, said McQuaid. The bees had spread throughout the parking lot, so the firefighters called for backup.

It took as many as six fire engines and five ambulances to handle the situation. A professional bee company contained and relocated the bees, McQuaid said, reported The Los Angeles Times.

Three people suffered multiple injuries and were taken to a hospital, McQuaid said. It was unclear whether the three people who needed medical attention were Madrid and his friends. Three firefighters and a police officer were stung, but medical treatment was not required.

By about 5.30pm on Tuesday, the bees had left. According to McQuaid, bee attacks aren’t common in the area. Bees are transitory, so this type of attack could happen anywhere, he shared.

A man who was suffering from severe chest pains reportedly died while waiting more than 40 minutes for an ambulance in Adelaide, Australia on Monday, Aug. 8. This is a representational image. Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

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