A 25-year-old Bihari woman was stabbed to death by her kin on Sunday afternoon, who allegedly raped her multiple times before carrying out the murder. The incident took place in the Siwan district, within the Barharia police station limits. Given the abusive circumstance, the woman in question was living away from her in-laws and was residing at her parent’s place just before she was killed.

Police authorities who were summoned to the crime scene discovered the deceased woman lying in a pool of blood. She was reportedly naked below the waist, as cited on Times Now News. A pair of trousers—which seemed to belong to the acussed— was found next to the corpse.

Medical examiners averred that multiple stab wounds were identified on the woman’s body. The accused had reportedly traveled to the woman’s place from Parshurampur at around 7 pm on Saturday. He cycled his way to the destination. The crime was committed in the dead of night when everyone in the house was fast asleep.

Based on the assumptions put forth by investigators, it came to the officers understanding that the woman was bludgeoned to death. In a statement the Baharia Police Station SHO said: “Things would become further clear after the police get post-mortem report." The SHO added that the knife used for murdering the woman was recovered around 10-12 meters away from the spot” The following was first published in The Times of India report.

The ghastly attack occurred when the woman, oblivious to the danger lurking around, had stepped out to relieve herself. The SHO maintained that going by the sequence of events, it is likely that the crime took place when the woman woke up late at night to relieve herself and went to the fields.

Given the scenario, and taking advantage of night time, the accused is likely to have allegedly followed the woman and raped her. Following the deadly act, he fled on a cycle. The flee was short-lived, as the miscreant was nabbed right in time after the woman's father lodged a complaint.

In another harrowing instance of sorts, a Dalit woman was sexually assaulted and her mother was attacked after the woman resisted a youth. The incident occurred at Bhokaheri village in Muzaffarnagar district, as revealed by the police on Wednesday.

Crime Scene
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