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A man from New Mexico was arrested after allegedly breaking into a home on Sunday. He reportedly ate some shrimp and took a bath before fleeing and attempting an armed carjacking at Church's Chicken the following day.

The 34-year-old resident of the village of Melrose in Eastern New Mexico, Teral Christesson, was still found inside the house, drinking beer and eating shrimp, when the homeowner returned.

According to court documents obtained by the Santa Fe New Mexican, the homeowner immediately called the police. Santa Fe County sheriff's deputies responded to a home on Vereda Serena near Rabbit Road. The intruder reportedly apologized and left the homeowner $200 to repair the window before finally exiting the place. The statement said that deputies claimed that Christesson managed to enter the home by breaking a window. The homeowners estimated the damage to be around $200.

"The male was extremely embarrassed and apologetic about the situation," the owner said, according to the police report. Christesson had a rifle with him at that time. However, there is no indication he used it to threaten the homeowner.

The next day, Monday, Santa Fe police arrested Christesson after he allegedly held a woman at gunpoint at a Church's Chicken location in an attempt to steal her car. The woman has resisted the carjacking by honking her horn, causing Christesson to flee. According to the report, he was seized down the street from the restaurant.

The woman detailed the incident to the police. At that time, she was waiting in the restaurant's drive-thru when a man holding a green duffel bag and a rifle approached her door and told her to get out of her car. The man, suspected to be Christesson, claimed he would take the car.

Christesson is being held in Santa Fe County jail and has been charged with aggravated burglary, larceny, and criminal damage to property for the Sunday incident. In addition, he was also charged with aggravated assault for his alleged actions on Monday. Christesson told investigators that he was "caught in a blizzard" on Sunday, fearing he would freeze. He also said that he "felt bad" about breaking the home window and had left money for the owner. However, he refused to speak about the incident at Church's Chicken.

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