A twisted man has been accused of barging into his estranged wife's home and proceeding to shoot her and their 11-month-old infant daughter to death, allegedly spurred to commit the heinous murders after he "made a deal with a spirit," in West Phoenix on Monday, Oct. 4.

The incident happened just before 9 p.m. on Oct. 4 near 83rd Avenue and Thomas Road. The accused, identified as Louis Mouton III, 34, reportedly went to his 32-year-old wife Lanae Mouton’s residence on the pretense of having a conversation about their relationship.

However, as Lanae walked back inside after talking to Mouton outside her residence, the suspect allegedly proceeded to kick the door open, whip out a gun, and fire multiple shots at her, FOX 10 Phoenix reported.

"The male kicked in the door and fired several shots. The female and their 11-month-old child both were struck," Sergeant Vincent Cole, a Phoenix Police officer, said.

As Mouton forced the door open, an injured Lanae ran to the bedroom with her daughter Ava and tried to hide in the closet. However, the suspect followed the mother and daughter to the room and again opened fire at the defenseless duo using his handgun, according to True Crime Daily.

Lanae and Ava were subsequently transported to a nearby hospital with multiple gunshot wounds but were shortly pronounced dead at the health facility, succumbing to their fatal injuries.

Phoenix police officers immediately responded to the residence after they were alerted of the disturbance. The authorities managed to track down Mouton to a nearby parking lot and took him into custody.

Mouton told the officers that he had also intended to kill himself, but didn’t have any cartridges left in his gun. Upon his arrest, he claimed that he did not remember various parts of what had happened that evening.

Mouton claimed that he blacked out after talking to Lanae outside the residence. He said that the next thing that he remembered was standing over his wife in the closet and pointing a gun at her. Mouton recalled blacking out again and finding himself outside in the parking lot of the apartment where police officers would eventually take him into custody.

Mouton told the investigators he had been suffering from schizophrenia and was "frequently possessed" by spirits and aliens, and that these malevolent beings "used his body to do actions he could not control."

Mouton reportedly told the officers that he had "made a deal with a spirit" to be with his wife forever even though they would both have to die. However, Mouton said that he didn't agree to his daughter being killed in the deal he made with the spirit.

He has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of criminal trespass and burglary. A judge has set his bail at $2 million.

Louis Mouton III, 34, allegedly went to his estranged wife's house and shot her and their 11-month-old infant daughter to death. spurred to commit the murder after he "made a deal with a spirit" in West Phoenix on Monday, Oct. 4. Maricopa County Jail Records

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