A Kenyan man presented himself at a police station with a bucket that contained his 70-year-old grandmother’s severed head.

The shocking incident happened Monday, April 4, in the city of Kisumu, Kenya.

According to the police, the 24-year-old unnamed man, casually walked into the Kisumu police station on Monday afternoon with a bucket in his hand.

The police initially thought that the man was there to meet a relative held at the station or to file a report.

The suspect went into the police station and placed the bucket on a table. He then asked officers to check what is inside the bucket.

Officers who inspected the bucket were shocked to find a freshly severed head of a woman inside it. They immediately took the suspect into custody and locked him in a cell.

During the interrogation, officers learned that the deceased woman was the suspect’s grandmother. The woman's identity hasn't been disclosed.

The suspect then led the officers to a tin-roofed semi-permanent house in an estate where he and the old woman lived. Investigators recovered the woman’s headless body from the scene.

The woman’s body was sent in for an autopsy and the results were being awaited.

A neighbor told The Star that the suspect had been living with his grandmother for several years.

"His parents are said to have died and his grandmother took him in," the neighbor said.

Investigators are yet to determine the exact motive behind the heinous crime. 

When they asked the suspect why he killed his grandmother, he replied, he did so to end her suffering.

"He said he wanted his grandmother to rest," an officer who was at the scene to collect the remains told the outlet.

No details were available about the murder weapon. 

Neighbors reported seeing the suspect leaving his house on a motorbike carrying a bag and two buckets. They said they had no idea what he had done until police showed up to recover the woman's body.

Police are trying to determine if the man is in his right frame of mind.

This is an ongoing investigation and no further details were available at this time.

Crime Scene Representational image. Shutterstock/ Fer Gregory