A 37-year-old man in Pennsylvania was charged with burglary, criminal trespass, and theft after he broke into a woman's home and reportedly stole her used sex toys, bank cards and cash, said police.

He reportedly stole $700 in cash, some of her bank cards and sex toys, which are said to be worth $160. At the time of the incident, the woman was sleeping on the sofa.

Tyrone Borough Police Department detectives claimed that a neighbor saw a man of Michael Holden's description entering the woman's property at around 11 a.m on April 6, reported Daily Star.

His entry was caught on CCTV camera.

Police who questioned Holden alleged that the 37-year-old wore some "sort of Pittsburgh Pirates headgear and glasses" each time they saw him.

Holden is an acquaintance of the victim, and lives a street away from the woman.

The woman allegedly confronted Holden with her boyfriend at his residence, where he admitted being inside her property. Holden allegedly told them that he had broken in after noticing their floor was expensive. Holden's arrest affidavit does not confirm whether the woman's sex toys or other stolen items were found by officers.

In other news, people are donating used sex toys and blood-stained clothes to charity shops, reported the Mirror. A north Devon charity shop had the "pleasure and honor" of unpacking three used toilet brushes, and a bag full of used and unwashed underwear. A South Molton charity shop admitted it only keeps around 10 percent of the donations it receives because so many of the donations are "too revolting" to sell.

An assistant manager of a charity shop, who asked to remain anonymous, said, “After so many years working for a charity as an assistant manager, I can honestly say I must have seen most things donated. I have come across stained and torn clothes, broken ornaments, electrical items with plugs cut off, filthy dirty food mixers, frying pans still with food burnt on, stained bedding and cushions, and filthy cuddly toys that no sane parent would let their child handle.

“The smell when you open big bags of clothing can be overpowering. I personally hate sorting kids clothing as they are often stained, especially the baby stuff."

The assistant manager said that the sad thing is that for every quality item that they can sell in their shops they have to sort through hundreds more than they can’t sell.

"I estimate that we keep about 10 percent of our donations. It’s true, we can sell rags to some recycling companies, but they do state in their terms and conditions that clothing we send to them should still be of a wearable quality, but so often it isn’t, and we get paid very little so it isn’t really worth our time or valuable space in the shop."

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