Couples will do anything to make sure that their marriage pushes through. There could be exemptions but this Indonesian man made sure that there would be no delays marrying the love of his life even if it meant wearing only short.

Such is the case of a groom named Suprapto who wed Elinda Dwi Kristiani because he was unable to wear his wedding attire. It turns out that the groom had a motorcycle accident four days before the wedding and suffered a shoulder injury. Hence, Suprapto was unable to wear the appropriate wedding attire because of it, Mingguan Wanita reported. Photos of the couple’s wedding were put up on Twitter courtesy of @br0wski.

“My husband was involved in an accident while he went out to buy petrol. He suddenly lost consciousness on the way, then he fell off the motorcycle,” Kristiani stated.

Photos of Suprapto wearing only a pair of shorts at the wedding went viral with most lauding him for pushing through with the wedding despite his condition. Some branded him as a responsible young man.

The woman explained that Suprapto wanted to buy gas before the accident. The man fell unconscious in the middle of the trip and fell off his motorbike, reported. Regardless, their second marriage went well with some even calling it a “cool honesty trying to be responsible for events and family (after translation).

The Indonesian man also has his arm on the sling as well as some bandages on his knees. The bride looked lovely with her traditional Javanese wedding attire. Though the man did not dress for the occasion due to his unfortunate accident, the important thing to note here is that both went on with the wedding and that they are now husband and wife.

Suprapto and Elinda Dwi Kristiani Suprapto and Elinda Dwi Kristiani photo from @br0wski Twitter