A man in Iowa has been arrested and charged with murder after he was linked to the death of a previously-missing woman, whose gruesome pictures he allegedly used to threaten an ex-girlfriend of his by texting her manacing messages.

Nathan Gilmore, a 22-year-old man from Mitchell County, has been arrested and charged with murder after the skull of missing 29-year-old woman Angela Bradbury was found in Greenbelt River Trail Park impaled on a spike in July, according to the New York Daily News.

Bradbury, who has been missing since April of this year, was previously arrested for trespassing in a car dealership and released around the time that she disappeared. Bradbury was reportedly last seen with an unknown man in her car, whom local authorities believe to be Gilmore, KCCI reported.

Sometime later, a teenager found a skull impaled on a stick at Greenbelt River Trail Park. The DNA of the remains matched that of Bradbury. During the investigation, evidence reportedly led to local authorities interviewing Gilmore and executing a search warrant on his home.

Found at his residence was a blood-splattered drawing of a Satanic goat’s head in the shape of a pentagram, which also had the coordinates of the area where Bradbury’s skull was found. Other evidence was also discovered in the wooded area, including materials that place Gilmore at the crime scene, but officials have yet to release more detail in this regard.

His cellular phone was also searched and messages sent to his ex-girlfriend were found where he threatened her with a similar fate to Bradbury, reportedly sending gruesome pictures of Bradbury’s head on a spike and promising that “You’ll be looking the body they found outside Mitchell” and that “the bubbling noise blood makes when it passes through the hole in a neck.”

It remains unclear why Gilmore had killed Bradbury or how they knew each other. Gilmore is currently being held with on a US$1 million bail. Preliminary hearings with a judge have yet to be set as of press time.

A man in Iowa was arrested and charged with murder after he alleged;u killed a woman by impaling her head on a spike, before using her death to threaten an ex-girlfriend of meeting the same fate. This is a representational image. Markus Spiske/Unsplash.

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