Alex González, Fher Olvera, Juan Calleros and Sergio Vallín from Maná enjoyed Chivas Regal Extra cocktails backstage before playing at the Staples Center on the Los Angeles stop of their Cama Incendiada tour on June 18, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. Getty

In 1996, Fher Olvera, Alex González, Sergio Vallín and Juan Calleros founded Selva Negra, an organization that develops projects to preserve the environment and animal species, and aims to foment environmental education.

Maná believes that environmental preservation is everyone’s homework and every human being needs to be aware of it, and contribute individually. But at the same time, with shared responsibilities and education, we can develop habits that can help us achieve a better living.

This week, Maná expressed their concern about Sierra del Divisor in Peru and encouraged their Facebook followers to contribute to the cause by sharing their post on their pages, “Friends, for 20 years, Peru has delayed Sierra del Divisor’s protection – one of the areas with the most diversity in the world and where indigenous live is in danger. Share this publication and demand its protection on President Ollanta Humala’s Facebook page ‘Presidencia Perú.’ Write to him: ‘Mr. President: The eyes of the world are set on Peru and it’s time to considerate Sierra del Divisor as a national park.’”

Sierra del Divisor is home to thousands of plants, 760 animal species, many unique to the area, and indigenous communities that conservationists say are endangered by illegal mining, deforestation, drug-trafficking activities, logging and oil drilling.

The land area is considered largely unexplored with one of the highest levels of diversity for primates and habitat for hundreds of bird species, according to Rainforest Trust, a conservation group that protects threatened tropical forests.

Amigos, por 20 años el Perú ha postergado la protección de la Sierra del Divisor – una de las selvas con mayor...

Posted by Selva Negra on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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