Manchester United continue to struggle in the Barclays Premier League under first-year boss David Moyes. While many believed the former Everton boss would continue the legacy built by legendary coach Sir Alex Ferguson one season removed from another Premier League title, multiple reports indicate that the 50-year-old leader will not survive past the 2013-2014 campaign. Currently seventh in the competitive twenty-club league and 13 points behind Arsenal for the fourth position, the Red Devils struggled through one of the organizations most disappointing seasons in recent memory. With many believing his time is coming to an end, Moyes said recently that he recognizes that changes need to be made but doesn’t agree with releasing managers from their duties after short periods of time.

“We are in a world where jobs change very quickly,” he said regarding the sometimes brisk firings that take place across the wide spectrum of professional football. “I don’t think that is right. The most successful clubs have had stability and longevity in their managers. That existed here with Alex Ferguson and look what Arsene Wenger has done at Arsenal as well I think everybody knows that we are on track to make changes and do some different things. We are rebuilding. We have got things we want to do.

“At Everton there were things that were not that good, but there were things that were good,” Moyes, who led Manchester United to the quarterfinal round of the UEFA Champions League, continued to say. “We need to try to get rid of the bad things and do better with the things we should have done. The supporters have been incredibly behind the team and supported the team throughout. They understand it has not been good. I recognize it has not been good. It needs to be better. We need to play better. We're needing to come up a couple of levels.”

Though Moyes seeks extended time in order to build up a struggling Manchester United roster, numerous reports signal that he may not get his wish. Planning to spend upwards of £200m during the upcoming summer transfer period in order to improve the talent, ESPN FC indicates that David Moyes could be relieved of his duties before he has a chance to oversee summer efforts due to the club’s growing displeasure with the coach.

Granted a six-year contract last summer, Moyes is now in jeopardy of losing his job, with Old Trafford higher-ups upset with his tactics following United’s recent BPL loss to Everton. Other reports suggest that the Glazer family -- who run Manchester United F.C. -- have been mulling over whether or not to sack Moyes since January 5, 2014, when the club fell to Swansea City in FA Cup play.

With matches against Norwich City, Sunderland, Hull City and Southampton remaining on the schedule, it will surely be interesting to see how Manchester United bosses handle this situation moving forward, especially since the team is no longer involved in any championship races.