"The Mandalorian" season 2 will premiere on Oct. 30, a date that was released by Disney+Hotstar after much anticipation. The announcement followed a release of the official trailer as well, which also seems to have featured a planet that the Star Wars fans have seen before -- Coruscant.

In the trailer for "The Mandalorian" season 2, Mando and Baby Yoda can be seen traversing through many planets. One of them seems a busy one. It looks unfamiliar but still, the ultra-populated city, in some way, resembles what is situated at the center of Galactic politics, Coruscant.

A Redditor by the name KingGreystone555 assumed that it is Coruscant indeed and suggested that Din Djarin and the child are trying to break into the Jedi Temple. The temple, which used to be a sacred place before the establishment of the Empire, was converted into a personal palace after Palpatine took over it.

The theory posted by the Redditor suggests that Mando may try to pull off a heist to know secrets kept by the Jedi and find out if there are more force users like his very own Baby Yoda.

The Redditor suggests that Mando can be seen strolling through the streets in the populated city to find a local who can help him to break into the Jedi temple. He referred to the populated streets as “Coruscant slums.”

Even though Palpatine is supposed to be dead around the same timeline in "Star Wars," but the Rise of Skywalker proved that it isn’t true. He is alive and is presumed to be hiding out on Exegol.

It is expected that Palpatine could still make an experience in "The Mandalorian" season 2. He may appear as a hologram or in some flashback scenes.

The Mandalorian George Lucas may not be happy about "The Mandalorian." Star Wars/Facebook