Latin Superstar Marc Anthony and Venezuelan Model Shannon De Lima are officially divorced after sentence was dictated on January 13, 2017  by the Court judge of the case Sarah I. Zabel in Miami, Florida.

Attorneys for both parties, Paul S. Leinoff for Marc Anthony and Marcia Soto for Shanon de Lima, appeared with the document of the agreement signed by both, where the couple that was only married for two years, defined the points of this divorce so that it could be agreed upon. Whether by karma or destiny, the long process concluded just one day before Valentine’s. 

The couple, who got married back in 2014, separated in late 2016 and started the process right after their split. The divorce was delayed once in January when neither the judges nor the lawyers appeared at Court.

Marc was the one who made their split official on December 18, 2016 just a couple of days after they took the decision and asked for the divorce at the Miami Family Court. 

The couple didn't take this legal debate peacefully since both of them have been throwing shade to each other on Social Media and in public. One month ago, they coincided in a concert in Dominican Republic where Marc was set to perform but Shannon "didn't know he was going to participate" on the event. The model appeared with her former boyfriend and her son's father actor Manuel Sosa, while Marc was hitting on some other girl on the same night. Multiple sources called this moment "The Revenge Of Shannon."

While Shannon has been seen recently appearing many times with her ex Manuel, Marc is working really close to Jennifer Lopez on her new show production "World Of Dance" and her new Spanish album, which he is producing.

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