María Fernanda Yepes Talks Role In José José Bio-Series 'El Príncipe De La Canción' [INTERVIEW]

María Fernanda Yepes
Colombian actress María Fernanda Yepes faces one of her biggest professional challenges: interpreting Anel Noreña in the bio-series about José José. Learn here what she revealed to Latin Times. Photo: Courtesy

Colombian actress and model María Fernanda Yepes, who made herself known for her parts in the series: "Rosario Tijeras," "Sin senos no hay paraíso," "La Teniente," and "María Magdalena," is now in charge of interpreting Anel Noreña, the woman who conquered the heart of romantic music singer José José.

José José Alejandro de la Madrid is José José in the Telemundo bio-series about the famed and acclaimed Mexican star. Telemundo

Inspired by the book "Este soy yo," written by José José himself, this production tells all the ups and downs and experiences he has had throughout his extensive and successful musical career. The series "José José, El Príncipe de la Canción" is a journey through the incomparable and tumultuous career of the singer's success, but also of the life of the man who grew to become in the 70s and 80s, one of the great references of romantic music in Latin America.

Anel Noreña, played by María Fernanda Yepes, is the second wife and mother of the children of the renowned Mexican singer, who develops into a story of success, love and redemption. She is a happy woman, spontaneous, risky and at the same time very complex.

"José José: El Príncipe de la canción" is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 8 pm. on Telemundo. Latin Times had the opportunity to interview María Fernanda Yepes on her casting process, how she prepared to give life to her character, filming of the show and more. 

"The casting process was several months long, in which I did 3 tests," Yepes said. "First they called me to do the casting for Anel and I was a bit skeptical that I could do it, first because I felt that I did not look much like Anel physically and secondly, I had the fear that being Colombian, I wasn’t going to achieve her tone and her voice, but I ventured to do the casting and it went very well."

"After some tests," she added, "I was chosen to play the character. I even learned that José José himself chose me for this character."

Having the responsibility to give life to a character so important in the history and personal life of José José should be nerve-racking, but Yepes did an extensive research to be the best "Anel." "There were many processes. First I read Anel Noreña's book 'Volcán Apagado,' then I saw all her interviews on the Internet to get to know her a bit and to know her energy, her gestures, her way of speaking, getting a little deeper into her life," she said.

"Then I had a strong preparation with a voice coach to achieve the coloration of Anel's voice. And after that I worked with my acting teacher to integrate all of this."

"It was many months of work, we had some inconveniences, we even lived an earthquake that made us stop for a few weeks, but that did not stop us from continuing with the recordings and taking this project forward. All the team, from directors, actors and the crew were very professional and we had a very nice working environment; we work in harmony, and very united! I have great friends from this project," Yepes told Latin Times.

María Fernanda pointed out that "the most complex challenge was to work on the voice." For Yepes was very important to neutralize her Colombian accent. "I never had the pleasure of meeting her in person, so the work is even more complex. She is a woman dearly remembered by Mexicans."

She later added that their main purpose is to tell the life of José José. "Let people relive those great moments of their idol. We hope that people like our work," she said. "We did it with so much love for them."

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