A new epic series is set to premiere on Telemundo based on the life of José JoséAlejandro de la Madrid is the actor in charge of giving life to the legendary singer in “José José, el Príncipe de la Canción” (The Prince of the Song). José José, the biggest album seller in the history of Mexican ballads, the authorized series gives fans an all-access pass to the music icon’s melodious, yet stormy life. The series is the latest Telemundo bio-musical featuring Alejandro de la Madrid as José José, alongside Itatí Cantoral, María Fernanda Yepes, Danna Paola, Malillany Marín, Damián Alcázar and Rosa María Bianchi. The series will premiere on Monday, January 15 at 8pm ET/PT.

Born José Sosa Ortiz, the singer reached stardom while having to overcome addictions and pitfalls that often accompany the rise to fame. A tumultuous story of success, love and redemption, the series is a journey throughout the incomparable career and life of the man who grew to become “El Príncipe de la Canción” (The Prince of the Song). Also recognized by many as the “Latin Frank Sinatra,” José José has garnered universal, critical acclaim from media and musical peers, including the late Frank Sinatra himself. Having sold over 120 million albums, he is considered a music icon and influence for many Latin and global artists.

The talented cast also includes Mauricio Isaac, Gonzalo Vega Jr., Ricardo Polanco, Silvia Mariscal, Jorge Jiménez, Carlos Athié, Axel Arenas, Alejandro Calva, Carlos Bonavides, Ariana Ron Pedrique, Sylvia Saenz, among others. Watch the full trailer of the series below and tell us what you think!

In March 2017, José José announced that he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Months after chemo and a surgery, his doctors were positive that he would survive. In November, the singer had a surgery at the Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas y Nutrición in Mexico City for a little over four hours, led by oncologist Carlos Chan, specialist in liver and pancreas cancer, that according to Laura Núñez (his publicist) was a success. "They‘ve [the doctors] already operated him, he is in great shape, he is in recovery and everything is fine, he is cancer free, he doesn’t have that disease anymore,” Núñez said. “In fact, the surgery wasn’t scheduled, he had medical exams early. We came to do his the routine studies to do the surgery in the future, but considering that everything was favorable and coincided with the expectations of the surgeon, José José told him, 'once and for all, be encouraged.'"

José José was reported to have been rushed to the hospital and Marisol Sosa, his daughter, says he's fine and deny a publication that claimed that the singer's life was in danger. "Thank God he is fine," Sosa said. "We came back [to the hospital] because he had surgery a month ago, not because he’s in his death bed," said the singer's daughter. Núñez also informed “Al Rojo Vivo” that they were checking his insulin treatment and they were giving him the instructions of the new doses that he should use from now on.