Telemundo is set to air a new Brazilian telenovela in daytime from the creator behind the smash-hit "Avenida Brasil." "Reglas del Juego" stars Giovanna Antonelli ("El Clon"), Cauã Reymond ("Avenida Brasil"), Alexandre Nero ("Imperio"), Vanessa Giácomo ("Rastros De Mentiras"), Marco Pigossi ("Querer Sin Limites") and Tony Ramos ("Lazos De Familia"). The drama series is scheduled to premiere on Tuesday, November 28 at 12pm noon. Read more about the story down below and tell us what you think!

OFFICIAL SYNOPSIS: From the creators of "Avenida Brasil", "Reglas del Juego" proves that there's a fine line between right and wrong. And that good and evil are often a matter of point of view.

For many, Romero Rômulo (Alexandre Nero) is a hero of the people. For others, he is just a selfish crook. He heads an institution that reinserts former convicts into society, but also uses it as a way of recruiting criminals for the faction he belongs to and through which he earns good money with robberies and scams. His lover Atena (Giovanna Antonelli), is a swindler who misses no chances. Impulsive and immoral, she only wants to take advantage of Romero. But behind all this greed, she hides real feelings for him.

One of Romero's enemies is his stepfather, Zé Maria (Tony Ramos), whom he accused in the past of killing twenty people during a massacre inside a bus. Djanira (Cássia Kiss) has never forgiven her son Romero for the testimony, because the love of her life had to become a fugitive from justice. Besides, she had to raise her stepson, the former wrestler Juliano (Cauã Reymond), and her adopted daughter, the virtuous Toia (Vanessa Giácomo) by herself. They grew up together and soon started dating, but  Juliano's desire for revenge keeps getting in the way of the couple's romance.

Son of Zé Maria, the young man is on probation after being accused of carrying drugs. Juliano pleads innocence and intends to prove that his father and himself were victims of the same criminal organization. But less and less people believe that Zé Maria is innocent and swear that he is in fact the leader of the dangerous faction.

When Djanira looks for Romero, he meets Toia. Due to a secret involving the young woman, he uses her to gain more power within the faction and obtain more fortune. When he gets to know her, Romero finds himself in love with Toia, instilling in him the desire to become a better person. This new passion infuriates Atena, who dreams of a powerful future for both of them inside the faction.

The rules change once again when it becomes known that Zé Maria is really responsible for the massacre and he is back to the faction.  This only intensifies the tension and rivalry between him and Romero. They will battle inside and out of the criminal organization, involving Toia in a risky and dangerous tug of war. The question is: who will be the winner in this game?

Besides an outstanding cast, Rules of the Game presents an innovative recording technique: the scenic box. Eight state-of-the-art cameras are positioned at different places on the set, some of them even hidden. It's a new gimmick to make the plot more natural and realistic, allowing the actors to feel more at ease, as well as real-time editing.