Betty la fea premieres July 19 on Prime Video
Betty la fea premieres July 19 on Prime Video Images from Prime Video

Prime Video has finally revealed the release date for the highly-anticipated "Betty la Fea" sequel. On July 19, fans of the show will get a look at everything that's been going on during the last 20 years in the world of Eco Moda, the fictional fashion agency where most of the show takes place.

The announcement also included another reveal, as Prime Video premiered the latest trailer for the revamped show, as Betty (played by Ana María Orozco) enters the company building and is met by surprise by members of the cast. The end of the clip shows her entering the office of Don Armando himself (played by Jorge Enrique Abello) before the camera turns to Betty and we get our first look at the character that garnered regional fame back in 1999.

The show's relaunch has been filled with anticipation and a cleverly executed marketing strategy since it was first announced at the beginning of the year. Back in February, three of the show's characters, Hugo Lombardi (Julián Arango), Marcela (Natalia Ramírez) and la Peliteñida (Lorna Cepeda), showed up at Paris Fashion Week, creating a buzz that was felt all over social media and demonstrating the show's enduring appeal.

Besides the aforementioned actors and actresses, the show will also be returning several of its previous cast members such as Ricardo Vélez (Mario), Luces Velásquez (Martha) and Mario Duarte (Nicolás) who'll be joining new additions like Juanita Molina, Jerónimo Cantillo, Zharick León, Rodrigo Candamil, Sebastián Osorio, Piti Camacho and Valentina Lagarejo.

The official plot of the new season reads:

"Betty, la Fea, The Story Continues" is the new production by RCN Studios for Prime Video and tells the story of the iconic Beatriz Pinzón Solano, Betty la fea, 20 years after the original program ended. While an empowered Betty works hard to rebuild the bond with her teenage daughter, her relationship with Armando is deteriorating rapidly, which makes her question whether she made the right decision 20 years ago.

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