Police in Kenya’s Juja, Kiambu County arrested a 38-year-old businessman for the murder of his mistress. Evans Karani reportedly murdered the woman and then tried to dump her body. He eventually confessed to the murder of 25-year-old Catherine Nyokabi. The accused awaits his arraignment in police custody.

The locals in Juja discovered a car stuck in the mud on the Bob Harris road on Wednesday, April 14. They also made the gruesome discovery of a woman’s mutilated body buried in the mud nearby. With the help of the National Transport and Safety Authority’s Registrar of Motor Vehicles, the police were able to identify the owner of the vehicle as local businessman, Karani.

Tracking Karani down the police arrived at his rented home in the Githurai Kimbo area on Friday, April 16 morning, The Standard reported. The suspect was arrested for the murder of the woman. While in police custody the man confessed to killing Nyokabi.

Nairobi News reported that Karani had started being suspicious of his girlfriend having an affair. The married businessman had been cheating on his wife with Nyokabi for almost four years. When he found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him, he grew jealous. The week before he executed his murder plot, he had argued with the victim about deleting a photo of the man she was allegedly having an affair with.

Karani told police that he initially thought about killing the man, later he decided to kill his lover. He invited the woman to go out with him on the day of the murder. The couple met in the man’s Nissan Wingroad. He offered the woman a drink and got her inebriated. Once she was intoxicated, he took off his belt and strangled her. To ensure that she is dead, the man reclined the seat and strangled her with a rope.

The murderer thought that he would dump the body at the Tola Estate in Witeithie, Juja constituency where wild animals would consume it. However, on his way, the car got stuck in the mud. Unable to get the vehicle out, the man mutilated the lover’s body and buried it in the mud. He fled the scene leaving a sloppy trail of evidence including his car behind.

He also told the police that he drank poison to end his life. His attempt at suicide failed as he drank milk and vomited when the pain became unbearable.

He is being held at Juja Police Station. His arraignment is scheduled for Monday, April 19.

A murder victim in Honduras. A police tape cordoning off a crime scene is pictured near the body of a victim. REUTERS/Jorge Cabrera