A kayak fisherman is dead after an encounter with a shark off the cost of Maui. County ocean safety officials were called when other fishermen in the waters between the islands of Maui and Molokini saw the attack. Patrick Briney was fishing in his kayak using artificial lures to attract baitfish. The shark attacked Briney, biting his foot before swimming away. Briney's fishing partner was able to get him to a nearby charter boat and tie a tourniquet on his foot. Briney died as a result of the attack before the charter vessel could make it to the shore.

The species of shark involved in the attack is not yet known. Despite the fact that the attacked happened a good distance from shore officials cautioned swimmers and warned people to stay out of the water. There have been eight shark attacks near Maui this year. A total of 13 attacks happened across the state of Hawaii. On Friday another attack left a woman with several nonfatal injuries. "We are not sure why these bites are occurring more frequently than normal, especially around Maui" said official William Aila Jr. to USA Today.

Over the course of the last 20-years Hawaii has averaged four unprovoked shark attacks each year. In August 2013 Jana Lutteropp, a German tourist died a week after she lost her arm in a shark attack. The 20-year-old was snorkeling 100-yards off the coast of South West Maui. Preceding Lutteropp's death the last fatal shark attack in Hawaii occurred in 2004. While he was surfing in Maui a tiger shark bit the leg of Willis McInnis. The surfer did not survive his injuries.

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