WBC and WBA pound for pound champion, Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. and Argentine fighter, Marcos “El Chino” Maidana go toe to toe tonight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The fight is scheduled to start around 11:00PM EST and could be the end of Mayweather’s undefeated reign as champion.

Mayweather will be paid a guaranteed $32 million for the rematch, the same guaranteed money he was paid on May 3rd, when he beat Maidana by a majority decision. Mayweather also has a clause in his contract that will pay him even more money based on the success of the pay-per-view numbers. Maidana receives a 100% increase in pay for the rematch, going from $1.5 million for the first fight to $3 million for this fight. Less than 10% of Mayweather’s cut and could be less than 3% when all receipts have been accounted for.

MGM Grand is open for boxing at 4:30PM EST, with eight total fights on the card. There will be three televised bouts before the Mayweather vs. Maidana main event with coverage on Showtime PPV beginning at 8:00PM EST.

Make sure to read our preview, predictions and betting odds article before the fight begins as well as vote in our poll for who you believe will win the rematch. You can catch the results of the undercards on our live blog here, as well as on our twitter account @TheLatinTimes. We will be tweeting and blogging live updates throughout the fight. For those of you looking to live stream the fight via Showtime PPV, it can be done for a fee, here.

1st Undercard Fight:

Welterweight Division: Alfredo Angulo 22-4 (18) v James De La Rosa 22-2 (13)

In the undercard fight that pitted MexiCali fighter Alfredo Angulo vs. TexMex fighter, James De La Rosa, It was a lopsided affair for most of the fight. De La Rosa knocked down Angulo in the second round of their 10 round fight. Angulo was thought to be more of the power puncher, and has only been knocked down once before in his career. Angulo was almost able to hold himself up with the help of the robes, but the referee called it a knock down.

De La Rosa’s southpaw stance gave Angulo fits throughout the match as he attempted and landed more power punches than his Mexican counterpart. De La Rosa cut Angulo in the 6th round. After six rounds, we had De La Rosa in a clean sweep 60-53.

Angulo the more prominent of the two fighters, and the overwhelming favorite, needed a late round knockout if he had any chance of winning the fight. Angulo switched his stance to lefty in the 7th round to confuse De La Rosa and landed some big punches before hitting De La Rosa with a second low blow of the fight, warranting him a one point deduction.

Virgil Hunter, Angulo’s trainer told Angulo before the 9th round, “if you don’t knock him out, your career is over.” Angulo responded with his best round of the fight, hitting and hurting De La Rosa repeatedly throughout the round. Going into the 10th and final round, Angulo had the momentum, but needed a knockout to win. It didn't come as De La Rosa held on for the upset victory.

Our Scorecard 98-90 De La Rosa

Official Scorecard: Judge 1 - 98-90, Judge 2 - 96-92 Judge 3 - 99-89 Your Winner: James De La Rosa!

2nd Undercard Fight:
Lightweight Division: Miguel Vasquez 34-3 (13) v Mickey Bey 20-1-1 (10) 

In the 2nd undercard of the night, Mexican fighter, Miguel Vázquez who fights out of Guadalajara, took on Mickey Bey. Vasquez is the better fighter as his only two professional losses came to Canelo Alvarez and Timothy Bradley. Vazquez was the betting favorite before the fight.

A third of the way through the fight, and Bey had cut open the nose of Vazquez. Blood poured down the Mexican’s face for the remainder of the fight. Boos rang down from the crowd, as the mundane fight was pretty even after the first half. Vazquez landed more power punches, so we had the fight 58-56 after six rounds.

We had Mickey Bey pulling even in rounds seven and eight in an incredibly mundane fight. It’s unsure how the fight was scored, if you go by punches landed, Vazquez, if you go off of the eye test, it’s too close to call. As we moved to the last round, neither fighter had shown enough to win the fight convincingly. However, it appeared Vazquez had done enough to win the fight, as Bey needed a knockout to turn the tables.

Our Scorecard: 115 -113 Vazquez

Official Scorecard: Judge 1: 115-113 Bey Judge 2: 115-113 Vazquez Judge 3: 119-109 Winner: Mickey Bey! Split decision. 119-109 seems suspicious. Bey is a member of Floyd Mayweather's "TMT" promotions. Suspicious, maybe?

3rd and Final Undercard:

WBC Super Bantamweight: Leo Santa Cruz 27-0-1 (15) v Manuel Roman 17-2-3 (6)

In the third and final undercard fight, deciding the WBC Super Bantamweight title. Mexican American, Manuel Roman, out of California, was the former sparring partner of the champion, Leo Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz is undefeated 27-0 and the heavy favorite to win the fight.

In the second fight of the night that pitted two Mexican fighters against each other. Leo Santa Cruz made quick work of his former sparring partner with a 2nd round knockout.

Winner: Leo Santa Cruz

Main Event: WBC Welterweight And WBA Titles: Floyd Mayweather Jr. 46-0 (26) v Marcos Maidana (31)

Round 1:  Mayweather looks good out of the gate. Landing his jab early. Maidana is being patient, unlike the first fight. Mayweather is establishing the important distance between him and Maidana. Maidana lands a right to the head of Mayweather along the ropes. Floyd goes down, but it is ruled a slip. Mayweather looks quick. He's dancing. The crowd is booing because Mayweater is keeping his distance. Mayweather takes the first round 10-9

Round 2: Maidana is clearly pacing himself. He only threw 16 punches in round 1 compared to 100 in the first fight. Mayweather is going to the body. More action in this round. Mayweather owns the ring right now. He wins the second round on our card as well. 10-9 Mayweather

Round 3:  Maidana corners Mayweather at the start of round 3. He's attacking Mayweather's shoulder. Mayweather's defense and counterpunching looks great. Mayweather tags Maidana flush with a right hand. He's picking apart Maidana early. Maidana is chasing Floyd around the ring, but not able to land anything flush. Mayweather's counter punching is on point. 10-9 Mayweather.

Round 4: Big round for Maidana. He comes out with a flurry and traps Mayweather along the ropes. He's unloading on Mayweather, but not sure how many shots he's landing. Mayweather seems alright, but clearly Maidana is the agressor in this round. This 4th round looks a lot like the first fight. Mayweather counters with less than a minute to go. Maidana wins this round 10-9.

Round 5: Mayweather's jab and blidning right is too quick for Maidana in this round. They're standing toe to toe in the center of the ring this time. Mayweather's speed is on display in this round. Mayweather missed with a huge right hand. Maidana gets a couple counters. Mayweather controlled this close round therefore we give it to him. 10-9 Mayweather.

Round 6: Maidana throws a great right, but Mayweather ties him up. Maidana is on the attack in this round. Mayweather is holding most of this round, dodging Maidana beautifully. His defensive skill that he is known for is evident here in round 6. Maidana was the agressor in this round, so we give it to him. 10-9 Maidana. 

Round 7: Mayweather goes to the body in round 7 and takes the round easily. 10-9 Mayweather.

Round 8: Mayweather dancing and counterpunching to start the round. As soon as he gets cornered he holds on to Maidana. It's sad, but it's efficient and he's dominating this fight. It's going to take a Maidana miracle or a late knockout to change the outcome now. Showtime Stats show Mayweather has landed 40 more punches so far. Mayweather tags Maidana and it stuns the Argentine fighter. Controversy in round 8 as Mayweather accuses Maidana of biting him. The ref says "I don't see nothing." The fight is on pause while a doctor looks at the "bite". The ref is warning both corners. This is chaos! The round is back on and I guess we will give the "phantom bite" round to Mayweather. 10-9 Mayweather.

Round 9: Maidana is stalking Mayweather as he dances around the ring. Maidana is down by too much on the scorecards and Mayweather knows it. Watch him go into cruise control as Maidana gets desperate in these later rounds. After nine rounds, Floyd is in complete control. He wins the round 10-9 and is in the lead on our card, 88-83.

Round 10: Both fighers are back in the center of the ring for round 10. It doesn't appear that Mayweather is going to take any risks that would allow Maidana to land a dramatic late round knockout. Both fighters get tangled up and Mayweather falls on the ground. It looked like a flop, but the ref accuses Maidana of tackling him. Maidana is docked a point! Very bad call. Mayweather probably wins this round as well and Maidana only gets 8. 10-8 Mayweather (98-91)

Round 11: After Maidana's foul, Maidana comes out with extreme desperation and urgency with just one more round to go after this. Maidana is reaching deep trying to hit him with anything he's got. Mayweather lands a left uppercut, and a low blow with the left and another time out is called by the ref. Floyd is warned for the low blow. Maidana looks gassed during this time out. Mayweather delivers a right to Maidana's head. This is a blowout victory by Mayweather. He wins the 11th as well 10-9 Mayweather. (108-100)

Round 12: The 12th and final round and Maidana needs a miracle knockout. Maidana needs a new "hand of god" a la his countryman Maradona. Mayweather is dancing the whole round. Maidanan is trying to cut him off in the ring and deliver the knockout blow, but he cant do it. He traps Floyd in the corner and attacks, but Mayweather ties him up. This one is over folks, Maidana wins the last round, but it wont't matter. 10-9 Maidana. (117-110)

Our Scorecard: 117-110 Winner: Floyd "Money" Mayweather

Offical Scorecard: Judge 1: 115-112 Judge 2: 116-111 Judge 3: 116-111 Winner: Floyd "Money" Mayweather