One of the most controversial shows in México is making a comeback. "Solo Para Mujeres" is set to return to the stage with a new cope of hunks that will surely make the women swoon. The men set to bare their clothes are: David Zepeda, Ramiro Fumazoni, Eleazar Gómez, Latin Lover, Jorge Aravena, Nacho Casano, Raúl Coronado, César Urena, Juan Ángel Esparza, José Carlos Farrera, Rafael Nieves, Marcos Montero, Alejandro García, Javier Gómez, Marco De Paula, and Emmanuel Palomares. The men will appear naked starting in September in a show that will surprise everyone.

David Zepeda is one of the most prominent names on the show. He recently starred in "La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo" where he gave life to Ryan Cabrera, a passionate and sweet man, but he always represses his feelings, frightened of getting hurt. He owns and is the general manager of Furia Productions. He is accused of committing a murder, but he requests Estela to testify on his behalf and this way he manages to leave jail. Inadvertently, he is attracted to Estela and begins to fall in love with her, but the mysteries and secrets he shares with the real Estela torment his soul and prevent him from truly opening his heart up. He alienates her, but at the same time keeps her close so he can love and protect her. His main goal is to discover who the fake Estela Carrillo really is.

Ramiro Fumazoni was recently the sexy uncle on "Tres Veces Ana" opposite Angelique Boyer.

Eleazar Gómez was recently in the telenovela "Muchacha Italiana Viene a Casarse" where he played Benito Segura, Vittorio Dragone’s assistant. Smart, likeable, and pragmatic, he solves all kinds of minor, and sometimes major, problems for Vittorio. He falls in love at first sight with Fiorella and acts obnoxiously with Gianna, who actually falls in love with him. He is always involved in some mess, but he always gets out of it successfully thanks to his cleverness and luck. His love for Fiorella will make him go crazy, lie and cause serious trouble to the girl.

Latin Lover is currently on the telenovela "Mi Marido Tiene Familia."

Jorge Aravena is currently starring in "El Vuelo de la Victoria" opposite Paulina GotoMane de la Parra, and Andrés Palacios. In this production he plays Jorge, a handsome, elegant, and also loving, responsible, and hardworking man. He is Cecilia’s husband and Arturo’s father. Every single thing he owns he has earned with great effort and owes nothing to anyone. He is polite in every sense of the word. He is Raúl de la Peña’s best friend. He risks his marriage for Adriana.

Nacho Casano is currently starring in the telenovela "Mi Marido Tiene Familia" where he shares credits with Zuria VegaDaniel ArenasDiana BrachoRafael InclánRene CasadosSilvia Pinal and many more.

Raúl Coronado was last seen in the telenovela "Vino El Amor," in the soap he played the lovable Miguel. His character devoted his entire life to work and the past years he has gotten the vineyards off the ground since David doesn’t pay much attention to them. He has worked there since childhood, he is honest, joyful, and hardworking, son of immigrants but born in the US. He knows Luciana since they were kids and they have always had a good relation; his care for her is pure and honest. At her return, he does everything he can to win her heart, and he is ready to fight for her love, even against David.

César Urena

Juan Ángel Esparza

José Carlos Farrera

Rafael Nieves

Marcos Montero

Alejandro García

Javier Gómez

Marco De Paula

Emmanuel Palomares

Cast of "Solo Para Mujeres"