With her Hollywood exposure, fans might expect the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle to be the most popular member of British royalty. Surprisingly, that is not the case according to a recent survey on the polling site YouGov, which shows that the former “Suits” star is ranked sixth. Here are the top six royal members in terms of popularity.

1. Prince Harry (77 Percent Positive Opinion Rating)

Actually, it was Meghan’s royal husband, Prince Harry, who bagged the top spot on the survey. The Duke of Sussex, who was described as “fun loving” and “admirable,” got a 77 percent positive opinion rating.

Fans who have been following Prince Harry back in the days when he was still younger would certainly agree to the fun-loving description. The young prince loved to party hard with celebrities back then, and there was even that famous leaked photo of a very naked Harry partying in Vegas.

2. Queen Elizabeth II (74 Percent)

The Queen is the second most popular royal with a positive opinion rating of 74 percent. Poll participants described her as “dignified” and “respected.”

As the head of the British monarchy, she certainly is the most respected member of the royal family. A very experienced ruler, Queen Elizabeth II has likewise proved her mettle being the world’s longest-reigning living monarch.

3. Prince William (73 Percent)

Although perceived as the responsible one, Prince William trails behind his younger brother, Harry, in terms of popularity with the masses. The survey gave the Duke of Cambridge a positive opinion rating of 73 percent.

Prince William was described as “responsible” and “genuine” by those who participated in the survey. These descriptions actually suit him best. After all, he is groomed to eventually inherit the throne after his father, “Prince Charles.”

4. Kate Middleton, Duchess Of Cambridge (64 Percent)

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is generally perceived as possessing the qualities fit for a future queen. People who participated in the poll described her as “friendly” and a “good role model.”

Poll participants gave the Duchess a 64 percent positive opinion rating. This placed her firmly in the fourth spot in the royal rankings, right next to her royal husband, Prince William.

5. Prince Philip (56 Percent)

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, is known for his shocking sense of humor and one-liners. “I wish he'd turn the microphone off,” he even muttered during an Elton John performance. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t well liked by the common people.

In fact, the recent survey gave him an average positive rating of 56 percent. This makes him the fifth most popular royal with people describing him as “hardworking” and “admirable.”

6. Meghan Markle (55 Percent)

Despite the negative comments by online trolls, Meghan is well liked enough to place her in the ranking’s sixth spot. She received a positive rating of 55 percent, and people described her as “charming” and “confident.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, during a musical performance as they attend a Commonwealth Day Youth Event at Canada House. While Meghan was very popular in Hollywood, a new survey revealed that it is her husband, Prince Harry, who is the most popular royal family member. Chris Jackson - WPA Pool/Getty Images