Even before Meghan Markle married Prince Harry and became the Duchess of Sussex, she was already known for her female empowerment advocacy. However, this passion for feminist causes might put the politically neutral monarchy in a rather awkward position.

Meghan’s Actions Rattle Old Guard

The duchess is making even seasoned royal courtiers nervous. With highly visible engagements for her advocacy, such as her presence in the panel discussion marking International Women’s Day, some members of the old guard are concerned that the royal family might face criticisms for the involvement of one of its members in political matters.

“I don’t think the Royal Family are ready for any feminist comments at all,” Ingrid Seward commented during Yahoo’s “Royal Box.” Seward is one of the most respected writers on the royal family and is currently Majesty magazine’s editor-in-chief.

In fact, some of the senior royal staff are afraid every time the Duchess of Sussex speaks on the topic. “Some of the more old-fashioned courtiers recoil when they see some of the things that Meghan says,” Seward revealed. “Meghan is walking a very tight rope there.”

Could Megan Be Toning Down Her Stance?

Speaking of walking on a very tight rope, could it be possible that Meghan might have to compromise a bit on her advocacy? A few observers believe that it just might be the case. Academics say that the duchess underwent what they call a “conservative, upper-class makeover” transforming herself to “a more traditional royal.”

“Markle's activist voice has been either silenced or appropriated by the monarchy: she has quit her acting career, closed down her popular blog and social media accounts for all her online activity to be ciphered through Kensington Palace,” observed Celebrity Studies researches Laura Clancy and Hannah Yelin.

Other royal family observers say that the Queen is actually taking steps so that both Meghan and Prince Harry will stick to the royalty’s brand. For instance, the royal couple was reportedly not allowed to establish their own court and had to hold office at Buckingham Palace so that the Queen could keep a close watch on them. “The Queen is keeping a strong arm on how they operate, they’re not allowed to go rogue,” royal expert Angela Mollard explained.

Why Doesn’t The Monarchy Meddle In Politics?

But there’s a reason why the Queen does not make any political comments or get involved in politics. “As Head of State, The Queen has to remain strictly neutral with respect to political matters, unable to vote or stand for election,” the royal family's official website stated. In fact, the Queen can’t even vote during elections. “Although not prohibited by law, it is considered unconstitutional for the Monarch to vote in an election,” the FAQ page of the UK Parliament also stated.

Meghan Markle British model Adwoa Aboah; former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard; Meghan, Duchess of Sussex; British journalist Anne McElvoy; and Camfed Regional Director Zimbabwe's Angeline Murimirwa attend a panel discussion. Meghan's advocacy efforts could be a potential problem for the politically neutral royal family. Daniel Leal-Olivas - WPA Pool/Getty Images