Meghan Markle is rumored to be gearing up for her second pregnancy. But since the Duchess of Sussex is already 38 years old, royal fans are concerned about her safety.

On the online forum site Quora, netizens are wondering whether it’s safer for Prince Harry’s wife to hire a surrogate for her second pregnancy. This way, the royal couple could still have a second child without putting Markle’s life at risk.

But royal fan Eileen Wood said that it is unlikely for Markle to hire a surrogate for her second pregnancy. She said that the idea of the Duchess of Sussex hiring a surrogate is just fabricated news published by the press.

Wood also said that women aged 40 or above are not necessarily at risk. After all, she knows some people who became pregnant when they’re much older. Royal fan Saran Madden echoed Wood’s thoughts. She said that she knows someone who got pregnant at 44.

Madden said that the woman even gave birth to twins just a few weeks away before she turned 35 years old. And she didn’t undergo any fertility treatments. Additionally, the woman gave birth naturally.

“It’s not hard. I had my first child at 37 and the second at 40 – and each time I was pregnant within 2 months of going off my birth control pills,” Wood said.

Dani Bracha Yardley, a registered nurse, said that Markle is still over 20 months away from turning 40 years old. And since pregnancy only lasts for nine months, she may not necessarily be 40 when she welcomes her second child.

“Have you noticed she is fit and healthy, non-smoker, good body weight, is said to enjoy exercise? All are in her favor. Are you aware numerous women conceive well into their mid-forties, all without fertility assistance,” she said.

Wendy Onsted, a Roman Catholic, said that not all women aged 40 and above have fertility issues. As such, Markle may not have problems getting pregnant either so there’s a reason for her to hire a surrogate.

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