Meghan Markle is rumored to be pregnant with her second child. The Duchess of Sussex sparked speculations due to a number of reasons while she’s in South Africa with Prince Harry.

But just this weekend, one royal fan took her thoughts to Twitter regarding Meghan’s alleged pregnancy. She said that Prince Harry’s wife isn’t necessarily pregnant, but she may look like she’s expecting because she’s having a hard time shedding off her “baby fat.”

The royal fan also labeled Meghan “Moby Markle” because she’s no longer as thin as she once was before she had Archie. “Man, #MeghanMarkle couldn’t lose her baby fat from Archie,” the royal fan tweeted.

“Can you imagine how huge this woman is going to be if she is pregnant again? Harry has married Moby Markle,” the royal fan added.

Another royal fan contradicted the first statement by saying that Meghan was not even pregnant the first time. Months ago, rumors swirled that Meghan was just faking her pregnancy after she refused to show Archie to the entire world.

“‘SHE’ hasn’t had a baby…,” the Twitter user posted. “It was all an act … She is wearing padding … check those shoulders … no hips except when wearing padding…” the Twitter user added.

“She wasn’t pregnant,” another person wrote. “Goes on (maternity leave-ha) and gains baby weight after a child is born to another woman…” the person added.

But it’s important to note that all these comments are unfounded. And the fact of the matter is that Meghan gave birth to Archie on May 6. Even though she refused to introduce her son immediately after he was born, Meghan did introduce Archie alongside Prince Harry two days later.

Meanwhile, there are also rumors suggesting that Meghan is pregnant because she wore the same blue dress that she was photographed in while she was in Australia. After arriving in the continent, Kensington Palace announced that Meghan is indeed expecting her first child.

As such, royal fans became convinced that Meghan could be pregnant again since she recycled the exact same dress. But until today, no announcement has been made by the Palace.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, arrive at the residence of King Mohammed VI of Morocco ahead of an audience with him in Rabat on February 25, 2019, in Rabat, Morocco. Yui Mok - Pool/Getty Images