Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are getting a lot of people’s nerves lately, especially those in the Palace. Not only did they go out and had a documentary made, which was explosive to say the least, they also continue to make it as if the whole UK, or the world is against them. Some palace insiders claimed this is delusional of them. Not to mention, the royals overestimating their power.

Days after the explosive ITV documentary Harry and Meghan: An African Journey aired on Sunday, people still cannot stop talking about it. Should the Duke and Duchess of Sussex be sympathized? Are their claims even valid? These are just some of the questions made by those who were able to catch the documentary or at least read about it. Some were completely endeared by the couple, especially by the former “Suits” star, Meghan Markle.

She bravely revealed she’s not okay, after all. This is simply not something anyone in the royal family has ever said. Royals have lived in the spotlight for so long and all have their fair share of drama and criticissms. But no one has bluntly shared to the world that they have had enough. Prince Harry, on his part, also did something revolutionary, by siding with his wife. Royal males are not known to be that emotional.

This is why, the documentary promoted someone close to the couple to tell CNN that, "The institution around the British royal family is full of people afraid of and inexperienced at how to best help harness and deploy the value of the royal couple who have single-handedly modernised the monarchy."

If the Palace was scandalized by the documentary, their ill-feelings are now aggravated by this comment. One aide reportedly said that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are genuinely paranoid. Moreover, the insider said that it is Queen Elizabeth, and hardly the couple, who modernized the royal family. 

And yet, the Queen never took credit for it, as reported by Daily Mail.

The insider added: "It's very much a mentality of 'us against the world', which is a real shame.” 

Moreover, instead of probably changing the situation through the documentary, what the couple did was to breed a lot of distrust.  "The Duke and Duchess have much to offer and could be a formidable asset for the royal family. But they need to work as a team with the rest of the royal household and, rightly or wrongly, there is a lot of distrust right now,” the insider explained.

queen elizabeth meghan-markle-prince-harry Queen Elizabeth II, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex are pictured on July 10, 2018 in London. Chris Jackson/Getty Images