Ahead of Meghan Markle’s due date, twin psychics Linda and Terry Jamison claimed that Princess Diana had communicated with them beyond the grave to ask them to pass on some parenting advice and a stern warning to the Duchess of Sussex.

According to them, Princess Diana would like Meghan to watch out for members of the family who could “start instigating trouble” when Baby Sussex is born. The late Princess of Wales also allegedly wanted Meghan to be not like her, saying that being like her is “a recipe for insanity.”

The Jamison twins have long claimed to have a strong connection with Princess Diana and to be in regular contact with the People’s Princess. In their recent supernatural encounter, Princess Diana allegedly told the psychics that she’s extremely happy about the arrival of Baby Sussex and that the baby would bring so much joy to the royal family. The Princess revealed that Meghan would not have twins in this pregnancy, contrary to reports claiming that she’s going to give birth to twins.

Princess Diana allegedly wanted to ask Meghan to take good care of her health by taking time to rest despite the demands of her royal duties. She asked Meghan to not be surprised if her family tries to get involved and instigates trouble when the baby arrives, saying that her great humor would help carry her through.

“Everyone will have an opinion about your parenting,” Princess Diana wanted to tell Meghan. “Don’t try to be ‘perfect’ as I did. Remember the press magnifies any perceived mistake and you can’t — nor should you try — to please everyone. That is a recipe for insanity.”

Princess Diana also warned Meghan against placing her relationship with Prince Harry on the back burner. According to her, she and Prince Harry should keep their relationship strong despite their plates being full. “As busy as you both are, you really should strive to set aside time for each other too, without too much outside distraction,” the late princess told Meghan, according to the twin psychics.

Although the Jamison claims are difficult to prove, the same psychics had predicted Meghan’s pregnancy even before the royals announced that the duchess was pregnant in October 2018.

Meghan Markle Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, attends a Commonwealth Day Youth Event at Canada House with Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. WPA Pool/Getty Images