The belief that the movement of the stars and other heavenly bodies can influence men is an ancient one. Even kings and queens hired astrologers in their courts to help them rule their kingdoms. Now the astrologer of the late Princess Diana has very positive predictions for her grandson — Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son, Archie, is destined for greatness.

Debbie Frank had been the late Princess Diana’s astrologer for more than nine years. And as for Diana’s recently born grandson, Archie, Frank claims that it’s written in the stars that he’ll be a big player when he grows up. “People are already talking about the possibility of him running for US President when he is older — and the stars say he could handle a role of that magnitude very easily,” the astrologer wrote on The Sun.

Frank also predicts that Archie will become very popular with the public and would easily hog the limelight, just like his grandmother, Princess Diana, and his mother, Meghan Markle. “As he grows he will handle public life very well,” the astrologer added. “Like his mother Meghan, who also has a prominently placed sun, he will naturally become center stage and use his presence for the greater good.”

And just like his mother and late grandmother, it might be inevitable for baby Archie to go against royal traditions and norms in some matters as he will be very passionate and vocal on the things that he believes in. “He will be unafraid to express his heartfelt opinions so people will be able to relate to him very easily,” Frank predicted. “But he is also likely to be at odds with the establishment.”

While Princess Diana didn’t get to meet Prince William and Prince Harry’s wives, Frank believes that she would have been supportive of her daughters-in-law. “I think that Diana would have been a great mother-in-law in many ways because she certainly would have helped everyone to ease into royal life,” the astrologer told Yahoo UK.

In Kate Middleton’s case, Diana would have made her more relaxed. “I think that Diana really warmed especially to people who are quite relaxed with her and, hopefully, she could have helped Kate to relax a bit more,” she said.

On the other hand, the late Princess of Wales would have been a supporter of Meghan’s causes. “Well, Meghan, [is] a complete firecracker of a girl (sun sign Leo), interestingly a kind of throwback to the days of the Queen Mother, Princess Margaret,” the astrologer explained.

“So we’ve got the sort of a big showstopper really there and a huge contrast with Kate — she’s very elegant, very dignified. I think Diana would have enjoyed Meghan’s desire to really help save the world,” Frank added.

Princess Diana Picture dated 14 November 1992 of Princess Diana leaving the first anti-AIDS bookshop in Paris. Getty Images/Vincent Amalvy/AFP