It is unquestionable that Princess Diana loved both Prince William and Prince Harry dearly and would have supported her sons wholeheartedly on whatever decisions they would make. But fans can’t help but wonder — would the late princess have liked Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle?

It’s a pity that Princess Diana passed away too soon and did not get to witness her boys grow up into fine young men and start their own family. But probably one of the best ways to gauge what Princess Di’s attitude to Duchesses Catherine and Meghan would have been is to ask some of the people who’ve interacted with her and gotten to know her on a personal level.

One such person is Ken Wharfe, Diana’s personal bodyguard. According to Wharfe, who later wrote the book “Diana: Closely Guarded Secret,” the princess would have loved both Kate and Meghan if she were around today.

Wharfe said that Diana would have been proud of Prince William and Prince Harry for not being influenced by “The Firm” when it comes to their choice of partners. In Harry’s case, choosing an American non-royal who is also a Hollywood actress wouldn’t have been a problem with her mother at all.

“Diana would have said, ‘Look, this is what my son wants and it works for him and he's happy. Crikey, that's what I tried in my life!’” Ken Wharfe explained. “She had a modernistic approach to life, and for that reason, would have supported them.”

Of course, even those who do not know Princess Diana personally have their own opinions on whether or not the late princess might have approved of Meghan. For instance, Quora user Cheryl Collins believes that Princess Diana would not have approved of Meghan as Harry’s wife. “No. She would have given her a chance but would have been inclined to protect her beloved son…” Collins wrote.

Another Quora user, Sophie Oldfield, believes that both women would have clashed. “I don’t think Diana would have got on with Meghan at all,” Oldfield wrote. “In my opinion, both these women suffer/ed with personality disorders. They would have clashed big time, and both ladies love/d the limelight.”

Meanwhile, the Duchess of Cambridge have also received her fair share of criticisms from detractors and trolls, but she had it a lot easier compared to her sister-in-law. Nevertheless, Diana would still approve of William's decision to go for what he wanted and not what the Establishment might have arranged for him. “William and Catherine are clearly unlike any other royal marriage, it's a relationship that William found himself,” Wharfe said. 

But there are those who believe that, as a mother, Princess Diana’s main concern would have been her sons' happiness. And everyone can tell that both Princes William and Harry are happy with their spouses. Thus, Diana would have approved of Kate and Meghan no matter what the press might say.

Princess Diana Diana, Princess of Wales, smiles as she meets wellwishers outside St Vincent's Hospice in Sydney on November 2, 1996, her last official engagement in Australia. TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/Getty Images