Former First Lady of the U.S. Melania Trump was made fun of after she poked Vogue for not featuring her on its cover while in office.

"The View" audience laughed as host Whoopi Goldberg introduced the segment where Melania told "Fox & Friends First" co-host Pete Hegseth that the magazine was "biased." She also said that it was "so obvious" that they had political preferences when it came to the media house having prominent Democrat women on its cover, but not her. Melania said that she had much more important things to do, and she did in the White House, than being on the cover of the magazine. As the clip was played, more light jeering could be heard from "The View" audience.

"The View" co-host Joy Behar asked what did the former First Lady do, and went on to say that Melania turned that "beautiful Rose Garden into a cemetery." Stephanie Grisham, who worked for Melania and was also briefly White House press secretary, was a guest co-host on the show. She offered a tepid defense when co-host Sara Haines asked if she was "busy." Grisham said that Melania was first and foremost a mother, and she was a "good mother and prioritized her son first." She also said that the former First Lady's initiatives were "important to her." Behar then asked about the initiatives by Melania. The others chimed in, "Be Best."

Talking about the initiatives, Grisham said, "Online safety, opioids, and just helping children with emotional intelligence." Grisham noted that if Melania is going to be on Vogue it should be because "she’s First Lady and I do think she should have been on Vogue," reported New York Daily News. She did think "there’s bias.”

Behar quipped that people have "seen a lot of photographs online, though." Melania posed nude for several shoots during her modeling career. They were widely reported during her husband Donald Trump's first presidential campaign in 2016, reported Fox News. As the audience laughed again, Grisham said that it’s easy to take potshots at her, and she would like to as well, but I "think for this topic, there was bias there."

Anna Wintour, who is Vogue editor-in-chief, is a major Democratic Party supporter. Democratic First Ladies Jill Biden, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton were all featured on the cover, and Vice President Kamala Harris also made it on the cover before she even took office in 2021.

Melania Trump Meanwhile, despite declining requests for an interview, Trump would later accuse the media of dishonest reporting via Twitter after the press published articles on the issue. Ultimately, she claimed that paperwork for the charity registration was ongoing. Alex Edelman/Getty Images