Melania Trump reportedly sought help from taxpayers to fund her post-White House projects and her new office. A source close to Melania revealed that while Donald Trump continues to claim that he was the victor of the recent elections, Melania has been busy preparing for her White House exit.

Sources said Melania Trump has been spending her remaining days in the White House packing and preparing for their new life in Florida. “She just wants to go home,” said one source.

CNN correspondent Kate Bennett also revealed that Melania was not thrilled about the prospect of her husband running for the presidency again in 2024. “That might not go over well,” said Bennett.

Bennett said Melania is already laying the groundwork for her career after her departure from the East Wing office, where she established her “Be Best” initiative. She reportedly asked someone from the Office of Management and Budget to know what was available to her in terms of post-White House budget and staff, as she was planning to set up an official office to continue her initiative and policy goals after they leave the White House.

The volunteer aide allegedly told Melania Trump that first ladies are not entitled to taxpayer funds for post-White House projects. Bennett explained that while presidents are entitled to certain perks, first ladies get nothing from the government aside from the $20,000 annual pension.

It remains unknown how Melania will come up with her own budget to hire assistants to continue her platform. Some speculate she could get a book deal, though some believe it’s highly unlikely for a former Slovenian model to want to share much about her private life in a memoir.

Meanwhile, Melania is reportedly eyeing her husband’s Palm Beach resort, Mar-a-Lago, as her next home. Bennett reported that Melania has been figuring out which of the Trump family’s belongings should go to the Florida property, which should go to their New York home, and which should go into storage as she prepares for her White House exit.

Melania Trump Melania Trump, wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, speaks to supporters during a campaign event November 3, 2016 in Berwyn, Pennsylvania Getty Images