In a rather interesting reveal of sorts; Melania Trump’s “old friend” Stephanie Winston Wolkoff claimed that the First Lady used personal email accounts to “send a number of emails discussing government businesses”— a practice that counts as a breach of federal records rules.

“Melania and I both didn’t use White House emails,” said Winston Wolkoff during a recent interview with the “Washington Post”. But Melania’s “old friend” maintained that she chose to not disclose much on the same as she chose to focus on more integral aspects, pertaining to her relationship with the First Lady.

What’s interesting note is that Ivanka Trump has been accused of doing the same, while Trump’s daughter in her defense stated that she was unaware of the rules and that the emails were sent before she was officially registered a White House employee and given an official email. But, the statements didn’t sync with a probe that discovered how she continued to use her personal email after March 2017, long after becoming an official White House employee.

The memoir titled, “Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady”  amassed widespread fury among the Trumps. Melania's chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham has vehemently refuted all the claims made by Wolkoff and labeled the offering as a collection “full of mistruths and paranoia” and “based on some imagined need for revenge.”  

“Wolkoff builds herself up while belittling and blaming everyone she worked with, yet she still managed to be the victim. Sadly, this is a deeply insecure woman whose need to be relevant defies logic,” said Grisham during a recent interview with a media outlet.

Wolkoff on the other hand has repeatedly maintained that everything that she divulged about, in her forthcoming read, is authentic. “I can back up everything that’s in the book, 100 percent,” said Wolkoff, who has reportedly known Melania for over two-decades-long before Melania became the president’s wife.

“The Melania I first met versus the Melania there is today is a very different person,” added Wolkoff in the interview. The high-profile events planned denied speculations of being fired, or monetarily benefitting from her services but maintained that she was thrown under the bus.

Melania Trump Melania Trump, wife of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, speaks to supporters during a campaign event November 3, 2016 in Berwyn, Pennsylvania Getty Images