Melissa Barrera´s firing condemned by more than 1300 artists
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MIAMI - Mexican actress Melissa Barrera did not expect to be fired from the "Scream" franchise. However, she seems to be done mulling over the experience. Now, she is openly discussing how she feels about it and has no qualms about talking about her intentions when she used social media to criticize the situation between Israel and Palestina.

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine to promote "Your Monster," her latest movie and first comedy in Hollywood, Barrera also talked about her relationship with Jenna Ortega and the rest of the "Scream" cast and her dreams for her career. Hint: They are very far from the terror projects that have made her famous in America.

Her firing from "Scream VII"

"It was shocking. I don't even know what to say. I think everything that happened was very transparent, on both sides, and I know who I am, and I know that what I said always came from a place of love and a place of humanity and a place of human rights and a place of freedom for people, which shouldn't be controversial," she said.

"It shouldn't be up for debate. So, I'm very at peace. The people who know me in my family know the truth about me and where I stand, and I think most people in the world also do," Barrera added and went on to further explain her position: "It's for the well-being of both sides of that wall, you know? An end to the violence. That's it. An end to the violence for everyone's peace and security. Just... humanity."


Melissa Barrera was fired from Scream VII for using words like “gen<0>cide” and “ethnically cleansed” when speaking about Palestinians in Gaza. I guess we’re adding Scream VII to the boycott list 👋🏽 #melissabarrera #freepalestine

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A very "Scream" reunion

Although she wasn't giving interviews about the debacle, that included Jenna Ortega's and director Christopher Landon's departure from the project, Melissa Barrera wasn't hiding either. Last week, she attended the events surrounding the 2024 Emmy Awards, and met up with her "Scream V" and "Scream VI" cast.

"It just so happened that we all found each other at the annual evening-before-the-Emmys thing. Jenna [Ortega] and I were talking, so I knew she was gonna be there, and Liana [Liberato] and Jack Quaid had been together the night before at Universal's Oppenheimer celebration. But then Jasmin [Savoy Brown] was there, and Skeet [Ulrich] was there, and Tony [Revolori] was there, and Mason [Gooding] was there! So, we all took a picture. We hadn't seen each other in a while, which was nice", Barrera explained.

When asked about Ortega quitting "Scream VII" after her firing, she made a point on celebrating their friendship. "Jenna is a good egg. She's a good person and we love each other. She would show up for me and I would show up for her no matter what," she said.

Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega in Scream
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Melissa Barrera's bright future

During the interview, she didn't deny the firing was done with the intention of killing her career, but she focused on find a silver lining. A situation like that "is like a filter. It's very important, in this industry, to know who you can count on and who you can't, and who you wanna work with and who you don't," Barrera said.

While she didn't name any names, it seems obvious she has many people to count on. Melissa Barrera was one of the most popular actresses in this year Sundance Film Festival, where she was promoting "Your Monster."

This year she also is starring in the terror thriller "Abigail." Then comes "The Collaboration," with Paul Bettany.

Barrera is getting ready to shot "The One," another horror film, with Nicholas Hoult, and is in the process of producing her first film "God's Country." However, she is still holding a candle for her fist love, though. Melissa Barrera became famous in Mexico as the winner of the TV Azteca talent hunt reality "La Academia."

"One of my biggest dreams, to be on Broadway. I'm a theater nerd. There are lots of roles that I would love to do — "Waitress" is one, and "Into the Woods" is another show that I really love — but I also feel like my dream musical has probably not been written yet. I want to originate a role. I want to be the first to sing the words or the songs of a character and be on the original Broadway cast recording. That's one of my dreams," she said. In the meantime, she holds the title of the curren "Scream Queen" with pride.

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