Melissa Fumero announced to her fans that she’s “hella pregnant” with her second baby, and while that is GREAT news, the big question of the day is, will she be quitting Brooklyn Nine-Nine? The actress, who plays Amy Santiago on the funny show, went to her Instagram to share the great news cutely.

On her Instagram, Fumero posted a mirror selfie with an apparent baby bump. She could have written a direct announcement or not even say anything, and people would undoubtedly congratulate her. However, Fumero had to take it a notch higher on being cute by posting a lengthy message wth the selfie about her second pregnancy with husband, David Fumero.

"To be honest, I haven't felt like posting about it because this pregnancy has been way harder and... I don't feel that cute?" Melissa wrote with the cute selfie of her looking surprised to see her baby bump in the mirror. "But yesterday I got a really intense massage, an awesome chiropractic adjustment, and my hair feels thicker... so I feel a little bit cute today."

Husband Fumero can certainly keep up with his wife’s silliness and cuteness. He posited a short response, feigning surprise as well. “Wait…What?!” he wrote.

While the two being happy and adoring to each other is fun to see, some fans were quick to think ahead and wonder what this means for the highly-acclaimed, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

The show has just been renewed for Season 8, even though Season 7 has not been shown yet. This is a mean feat, considering how it was reported to have continuously low ratings. According the Observer, this can only because ratings are not an accurate way to measure how popular a show is. It was recently discovered that this show is the “most popular off-network live-action comedy on Hulu.” It’s well-loved but low-rated, just like another NBC Comedy, “The Good Place.

Given that Melissa Fumero’s announcement sparks concern about her career and on this particular television show, it can be said that it is a well-liked show. It does not look as if she needs to take a leave if season 7 has already been filmed or started to film. She would probably deliver the baby already even before Season 8 starts filming.

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 7 will premier on Thursday, Feb. 6 at 8 p.m.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Cover photo of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine.' Brooklyn Nine-Nine/Facebook

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