James Phelps and Timothy Norton, the men charged with Cassidy Rainwater’s kidnapping, have been slapped with raps on Wednesday for killing the Dallas County woman after police revealed information on how the duo schemed and executed her murder.

The Dallas County prosecutor filed the new first-degree murder charges against Phelps and Norton for Rainwater’s death. The men are also facing abandonment of corpse charges on top of the kidnapping charges in Rainwater’s disappearance, Fox4KC reported.

In a Facebook post, the Dallas County Sheriff revealed new disturbing details in Rainwater's case. The woman had gone missing after the FBI received pictures labeled “Cassidy,” showing the woman partially nude in a cage.

Other photos were more graphic, with detectives recognizing a gantry crane on the scene from the photos they received. Investigations would later result in Phelps' subsequent arrest.

The Sheriff’s post also claims that testing revealed the human flesh found in the freezer is a match to Cassidy. Meanwhile, one of the suspects, Norton, admitted to their crimes and detailed how they abducted and killed the woman.

According to Norton, he helped Phelps get rid of Rainwater as she stayed at Phelps’ home while she got on her feet.

The victim was reportedly sleeping when Norton grabbed her legs and pinned her to the ground. Phelps would then allegedly strangle her before placing a bag over her head, KCTV5 noted.

Phelps reportedly bound the victim to the gantry crane before he ultimately began dismembering her body. Norton stated he assisted Phelps in carrying the body into the house and placed her in the bathtub.

The sheriff's Facebook post also reveals that 200 pieces of evidence are now part of the case, including the skeletal remains found on the adjacent property after its DNA matched to Rainwater, according to KY3.

Police also obtained electronic messages between the men planning Rainwater’s murder but noted no evidence suggests other victims are tied with this case.

According to investigators, Phelps initially claimed the woman packed her bags and left in the middle of the night in July. The man also said he had not seen or heard anything from her since then.

Phelps will appear in court to fight his charges on Nov.19. Meanwhile, Norton will front a criminal hearing slated on Nov. 23.

Phelps and Norton
The Dallas County prosecutor filed the new first-degree murder charges against Phelps and Norton for Rainwater’s death. Dallas County Missouri Sherriff's Office

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