Mexican officers
Mexican officers were caught abusing authority during an operation at the subway station in Mexico City. REUTERS/Tomas Bravo

Police brutality is one of the biggest problems our society is facing nowadays. Although cases in the United States have recently exposed an increase on police attacks towards innocent citizens based on gender, sexual preference and race, in Mexico, anyone can be a target.

On Thursday, a video showing members of the PBI (Policía Bancaria e Industrial) and the STC (Servicio de Transporte Colectivo) violently beating vendors and other people present during an operation at a subway station in Mexico City was uploaded on YouTube.

“As we have explained in our official complaint, our collaborator Eduardo Lúa witnessed a violent operation against passengers and vendors present at Metro Potrero,” LoQueSigueTV reports. “When they noticed people were recording the happenings, they began receiving threats and consequently were beaten up, even with their keys.”

The text continues to explain how the officers stole Lúa’s phone and proceeded to arrest him. He was then taken into custody, where they carried on with the attack. The online website reports several members of the media and activists have joined forces to make noise about the situation, and a complaint has been presented to the authorities.

According to Sin Embargo, Mexico City officials have yet to reveal their position regarding these horrible actions and announce if there will be any punishment for the individuals involved.

“The lack of serious and detailed regimens is causing the files to accumulate and therefore, being discarded,” said Adivac’s spokesperson Rosalba Cruz regarding the lack of professionalism police officers and governmental authorities have been projecting in the past couple of years.

The clip below shows how five members of the authority abuse their power as such, as repeatedly attack a man, who is punched in the face and then the stomach. Witness can be heard yelling at them, asking them to stop, but they keeps going. Check it out.

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