MEXICÁNICOS Lands In California To Celebrate Its 50th Episode With One Of The Most Popular Mexican Bands Courtesy

MEXICÁNICOS lands in Los Angeles to celebrate its 50th episode with a very special project! One of Discovery en Español's most successful original productions premieres new episodes on Monday, November 25 at 10pm E/P during the 'Lunes de

motores' programming block.

Brothers Jorge and Miguel, leaders of the northern regional band, Voz de Mando, wish to fulfill a

longlife dream: to get

a "The Fantastic Car" replica. This leads them to

Martín's workshop with an exclusive 1984 Camaro that

Mexicánicos must transform by following a miniature copy. Nothing goes easy with this transformation, but

Martín finally travels to California to deliver the dream car, only to discover that his fame has crossed the border. He is happy

to learn that the Mexican identity is still alive in every other hard-working Mexican individual making a living away from home.

Martín discovers that his transformations and stories work as a bridge between the two cultures while his fans remind him that being Mexican is also a passion.

Creative hot-headed

Martín Vaca, along with his entire team,

are well aware that there are no limits for imagination, and during this season they

are willing to prove it once again by bringing an exclusive Mexican Shelby, a 1979 Bronco on a state-of-the-art chassis, and a Hummer limousine with futuristic projections, back to life. In addition, a plane arrives at the workshop for the very first time and

Martín must get his best team ready to paint it following strict and demanding aeronautical guidelines. News also include a brand-new Chile Bus that pays tribute to the agave and a new grandson.

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